Your Car has been Wrecked: Now What?

Types of Monetary Damages in a Car Accident Settlement

Getting into a car wreck can be a scary experience. Especially if you are at the receiving end, imagine the case scenario where your car gets hit by a drunk driver. Instead of hitting the brakes, they speed off while leaving you there with all your confusion, frustration, and anger. Your mind is racing while trying to calm yourself down and figure out whether you should chase them or call the cops. Not to mention the costs of having your car repaired. You will also need to ensure that you get compensated.

No matter whose fault it is, there are a few initial steps that everyone needs to take. Firstly, you need to ensure your safety. Then call the police instead of rushing after the driver who hit your car and probably wrecked it. Never leave the accident site without documenting everything. Documentation is crucial for claiming compensation from your insurance. Depending on the situation, there are specific actions that you need to do. Read on to learn more about what to do when you become the victim of a car wreck.

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Scenario 1: Your Car is Hit while Parked

Suppose you step out of your home to find out that someone hit your parked car and left it wrecked. Firstly, call 911 despite no one being injured. The responding officer will prepare a report while this might also help you claim insurance for the damage. If the other driver is at the location, make sure to collect as much information as possible, including their license number, insurance number, and insurance information. Using your smartphone take pictures of your damaged car as well as the surrounding location. If there are eye-witnesses on the scene, get their data, and record their statements, as well.

Most importantly, call an attorney, preferably one who deals with car wrecks, such as the Fort Worth car wreck lawyer. The lawyer will assist you with filing the claim. Lastly, stay on top of the claim and insurance process.

Scenario 2: Your Car is Hit While Driving

If your car is hit while driving, you need to stop the car and pull over. After getting yourself to safety, step out, and analyze the scene. Ensure that no other passengers are injured. After calling 911, you will want to collect information for the effective documentation of the accident. Despite knowing that the other party was at fault, you will have to inform your insurance company of the damage. This will make your insurance provider contact the other party’s insurance company to assess the situation and determine the coverage costs. While staying in touch with your insurance providers, you will need an attorney’s services to assist you through the process. They will also make sure that you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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Scenario 3: Someone hits your Car and Speeds off

If the case is a hit-and-run, you must follow the same steps as mentioned above. Your lawyer will take care of collecting the required information and documentation to present to your insurance company.

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