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Become the exclusive attorney listed for your practice area in your market on a top ranking third-party website with Attorney at Law Magazine’s Local Legal Authorities program.

Attorney at Law Magazine proudly introduces the next trend in legal marketing. At face value, you may lump this product with the hackneyed online directories for legal professionals. Put that concept to the side.

This program is for your legal practice, featuring your bio, your articles, and an in-depth look into your practice area. This combined with a third-party endorsement will get this high-ranking page to convert our readers into prospects.

As a Local Legal Authority, you will be the ONLY attorney featured for your practice area in your market.

Requirements to Participate

Local Legal Authorities are required to meet the following criteria in order to participate as Attorney at Law Magazine’s go-to resource on a given practice in a specific market.

Contributor to Magazine

The attorney must contribute valuable articles about their practice area to share with our readers in the Legal Advice section.

Maintain a 4+ Consumer Rating

The attorney must maintain a Google review rating of 4 or more stars.

Practice Law for 5+ Years

The attorney must have been licensed to practice law for at least five years and must have maintained an active practice.

When an attorney completes the inquiry form, our team will review their credentials, their client reviews and conduct research into their standing with the State Bar. Only attorneys who meet the standards above as well as the below minimum requirements will be considered for this opportunity.

Licensed to Practice in the State.
No citations from the State Bar (or another outside Bar).
Demonstrated involvement in the local legal community.
Well respected by legal peers. 

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Features

  • Local Legal Authority Badge
  • Exclusivity for your Practice Area/Location.
  • Optimized banner image depicting the location and practice area.
  • Click-to-Call call to action, with whisper message announcing call origin.
  • Click to your website call to action with tracking.
  • Lead tracking, analytics and reporting.
  • Featured Image of Attorney.
  • Featured Bio of Attorney.
  • Video Embed, optional.
  • Featured Articles Written by Attorney.
  • Unlimited Article Submissions to Magazine with Local Legal Authority tracking info in bio.
  • Google My Business Client Reviews (Yelp Available Too).
  • Google Map Embed with Office Location.
  • The Magazine’s Web & SEO Team Optimization of All Content

The Goal of the Local Legal Authority Program

The Local Legal Authority program was created to highlight one attorney as the go-to lawyer for a specific practice area and location. As a consumer, searching for an attorney is a tough task. This program eliminates that by letting Attorney at Law Magazine do the research and vetting to recommend a single attorney to the consumer.  Using the power of Attorney at Law Magazine’s content rich website, network of attorneys, and the efforts of the magazine’s web team, these pages will be search engine optimized and have access to a large audience.

All of these efforts combine to deliver your practice more potential client leads and to take away the nuance of finding an attorney for consumers.

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