invalidating elections
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Larry Garber

Invalidating Elections Should Not Be Easy

Despite many Cassandra-like warnings of nightmare scenarios, the 2020 elections were an institutional success. Deserving credit are voters who participated in large numbers, election officials

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Brad J. Sadek of Sadek and Cooper practices Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief. Working with people to keep their largest asset, their homes, is the most challenging and rewarding [...]

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Deandra M. Grant, JD, GC, MS is a 27-year DWI attorney. She is the Managing Partner of Hamilton Grant PC’s five offices [...]

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Mohamed Eldessouky is founder of Eldessouky Law which handles Labor and Employment Law matters throughout southern California. His firm strives to give deserving employees justice. [...]

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In what year did the Supreme Court increase to nine justices? 

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Josh Shilts

oshua Shilts is president of Shilts CPA, PLLC. He focuses on forensic accounting [...]

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Patrick A. Andler has over 35 years’ experience specialized in fire cause investigation [...]

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Roman Garagulagian is experienced in applying economic theory to litigation questions [...]

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