Ads Specs

Target Market Media and Attorney at Law Magazine strive to create publications with original content and good aesthetics. Please follow the ad requirements below for a great final result on your advertisement.

If you don’t have an ad design or you need a modification, don’t hesitate to contact your local publisher for more information.


Bleed 16.75 in x 11.125 in
Trim: 16.25 in x 10.625 in
Live Area: 15.5139 in x 9.8889 in


Bleed 8.625 in x 11.125 in
Trim: 8.125 in x 10.625 in
Live Area: 7.3819 in x 9.8889 in

2/3 page

Size: 4.765 in x 9.875 in

1/2 Page

Size: 7.375 in x 4.765 in

1/3 page

Size: 2.283 in x 9.875 in

1/3 page

Size: 4.765 in x 4.78 in

1/4 Page

Size: 3.5 in x 4.765 in

1/6 page

Size: 4.765 in x 2.375 in

1/6 page

Size: 2.375 in x 4.765 in

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Digital Specs


Image dimensions (Desktop):  600 x 160 pixels
Image dimensions (Mobile):320 x 250 pixels
File size (KB):

150 KB max for each image

Bulk upload in ZIP files that are up to 10 MB

File type:JPG, PNG
Animation length:Not available