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Join Attorney at Law Magazine’s exclusive lawyer directory, with one attorney per practice area and city.

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Most lawyer directories sell the same listing over and over to your competition. We surveyed the 10 most popular lawyer directories and on average a search result would leave the consumer with over 576 lawyers to choose from.

In our directory, consumers will come straight to your listing. 100% of the time.

The Exclusivity Guarantee

Our Exclusive Lawyer Directory features only one attorney in a city and practice area as the go-to Local Legal Authority. We guarantee it. You will have all the benefits of other attorney directories without the competition.

Listings are available first come, first serve. Want to know if your listing is available? Contact us today. 

Local Legal Authority Listing

$79/Month or $750/Year

In our Exclusive Lawyer Directory, you will be the only attorney featured for your practice area and city. We guarantee it. 

Your LLA listing will include a Local Legal Authority web badge to post to your website. 

Your LLA listing will include a link to your website alongside your contact information.

Your LLA listing will include a click-to-call phone number. 

Your LLA listing will include a spot to display your headshot. We recommend the image be at least 500 pixels x 500 pixels.

Your LLA listing will include a place to insert your professional bio. We do recommend that you provide a unique bio for your LLA listing that shares your professional achievements and past experience in your practice area.  

You will have the option to include an embedded video in your LLA listing. Just provide the link to the YouTube or Vimeo video you’d like to display.

There will be a map embed of your office location displayed alongside your contact information.

Listings are available first come, first serve. Want to know if your listing is available? Email [email protected].

Want to Superpower Your Listing? Try LLA+

Want to make it easier for your listing to be found organically and for potential clients to contact you? With LLA+ you get all the benefits of Local Legal Authority plus:

Your LLA+ listing will include a custom reporting dashboard where you’ll be able to see how many views your listing and your articles have received, how many form submissions, how many phone calls and more. Take the guess work out of tracking your ROI. 

Your LLA+ listing will utilize a call tracking phone number so you’ll be able to see who called from your listing, how long the call lasted and more in your custom reporting dashboard. 

Your LLA+ listing includes an embedded contact form. Submissions will be sent to you directly and you’ll be able to see all form submissions on your custom reporting dashboard. 

Your LLA+ listing includes a custom web badge that you can utilize on your website. If you interlink your custom web badge with your LLA+ listing it will also help to boost the page. 

Your LLA+ listing includes an embedded section featuring your client reviews. 

Our team will work with you to create an original bio that engages clients and hits the keywords for better search results.

Beneath your LLA+ listing, we will include custom information about your practice area to help your listing page. Work with us to tailor your practice area description to touch on all the niche cases you handle. 

Your LLA+ listing will include 4 bullet points above your bio that highlight awards you’ve received, cases you’ve handled or more “at a glance” information that you think will entice potential clients. 

Your LLA+ listing will include a custom FAQ section where you can answer some frequently asked questions you receive from clients and. Another way to inform potential clients of your knowledge. 

As an LLA+ lawyer, you will have the right to submit unlimited articles for publication consideration in Attorney at Law Magazine. All published articles will be linked with your profile. Work with our team to select topics that will help consumers find you. 

Your LLA+ listing will include a custom header graphic for your city and practice area. 

Our Directory is Loved by Attorneys and Marketers

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Since Local Legal Authority is a 100% exclusive lawyer directory, only one attorney can purchase a listing for a city and practice. When you sign up for a listing, you will have the option to provide two city preferences. If neither of your requested pages are available, you will receive a refund. You can also email us at [email protected] to ensure your listing is available before signing up. 

Your LLA listing can be canceled at any time. Just notify us via email at [email protected]. Your listing will be canceled and no further charges will be processed. For LLA+ listings, we do require 30-day notice to cancel a listing. 

In order to qualify for a Local Legal Authority listing, the attorney must have an active license to practice law in the listing state; the attorney must have been an attorney for a minimum of five years; the attorney must have a 4+ star consumer rating. If you suspect an attorney does not meet these qualifications, please notify us via email at [email protected].

On your listing, a click-to-call button is displayed in the header by your name and photo. Additionally, there is a contact box section which features your phone number, a website link and your office location alongside a map embed of your location. 

For LLA+ listings, there will also be a send a message option at the top and a floating contact form. With the sticky header, your phone number will always be on display. Plus, with the tracking and reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to see who called from your listing page as well as who submitted any forms. 

Yes, you can purchase more than one LLA listing. We do recommend that you provide a unique bio for each listing you purchase. If you are interested in enterprise discounts, schedule a meeting with our team. 

Of course! You will submit your listing information to our team. It only takes a few minutes. Our team reviews the information and publishes your listing. If you need to make a change, let us know at any time and we can get your page updated. 

Great question! While the number will vary depending on your city and practice area, we provided this number as a sample. We looked at the “top” 10 legal directories and searched “Phoenix Personal Injury Attorneys” as this was one of the first pages reserved on our directory. We looked at:

Rocket Lawyer31 
US News (Lawyers)141 
Cornell Law School408 

Of course! As a legal publication, we welcome lawyers to submit content written to other lawyers or written to consumers in our “For the Public” section. All submitted articles will be reviewed to ensure they meet our editorial guidelines. For LLA+ listings, you will have a special call-to-action on each published article, inviting consumers to contact you. Your articles will also be displayed on your LLA+ listing. 

Need More Information?

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