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Attorney at Law Magazine is proud to bring you our list of Local Legal Authorities. These men and women are exceptional practitioners. Only a singular attorney is featured as the Local Legal Authority in a given location and practice area.

Minneapolis Immigration Attorney

Steven C. Thal is the founder of Steven C. Thal, P.A., a Minneapolis immigration law firm. Steven’s work with immigrants began in college. [...]

Dallas DWI Attorney

Deandra M. Grant, JD, GC, MS is a 27-year DWI attorney. She is the Managing Partner of Hamilton Grant PC’s five offices [...]

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorney

Brad J. Sadek of Sadek and Cooper practices Bankruptcy Law and Debt Relief. Working with people to keep their largest asset, their homes, is the most challenging and rewarding [...]

Most Popular Cities

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney

Christina McKinnon loves bringing resolution to acrimonious situations and helping post-divorce parties live better. As a product of divorce, she had a first-hand look at the effects [...]

Miami Immigration Attorney

Deirdre D. Nero’s practice focuses on business immigration including employment based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions [...]

San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

Nathaniel Mack III is founder of Mack Injury Attorneys which handles Personal Injury. Mack has served as a trial attorney on cases all over Texas that have resulted in successful verdicts. [...]

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