Jim DeSimone

Jim DeSimone

Jim DeSimone cut his teeth as a staff attorney at Westside Legal Services. For three years (1987-1990), he represented lower income families and individuals as the lead trial lawyer.

In 1990, DeSimone entered private practice as a partner at Schonbrun & DeSimone, a civil rights law firm, which grew to be one of the most prestigious civil rights law firms in California.

Twenty-five years later, DeSimone established his current practice V. James DeSimone Law. This firm focuses on representing individuals in civil rights cases with an emphasis on discrimination and harassment, police misconduct and brutality as well as false arrest cases.

“As a civil rights lawyer, establishing a precedent is what you become most proud of,” says DeSimone. “When you can help an individual client, that’s terrific; but when you can take a case to the court of appeal and establish a binding precedent, that can potentially help all working people, well that’s truly gratifying.”

DeSimone was featured as the Attorney of the Month and cover story in Attorney at Law Magazine Los Angeles Vol. 4 No. 1. His story, “The Fight for What’s Right,” follows DeSimone’s 30-plus career as well as some insight into the man behind the crusade for justice.