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Eau Claire Car Accident Attorney

Eau Claire Car Accident Attorney

Russell Nicolet is a top Car Accident attorney serving Eau Claire, WI.

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About Russell Nicolet

Eau Claire car accident attorney Russell Nicolet is the founder of Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers.
How Russell became a lawyer. “When I was very young, I liked the idea that attorneys helped people, so that started a seed of interest when I was in elementary school.”

In college, he joined several organizations including the legal society. A local attorney worked with them to help college students with legal issues – mostly landlord/tenant issues. Russell was inspired by how professional and focused she was on helping.

“It was inspiring and made me think highly of lawyers.”

After earning his business administration and political science degree at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, he attended William Mitchell College of Law.

As an undergraduate, he interned for the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office. In law school, he worked as a law clerk for Miller Law Office and as a judicial extern for the Honorable Susan R. Miles.

Why Russell chose to practice car accident law. As a law clerk, Russell worked on personal injury cases for a solo attorney and was able to see firsthand how injuries could devastate people’s lives.

“The injured clients were often scared, confused, and just didn’t know where to turn to get their life back on track. I saw that by developing a plan for our clients and working hard we could make a big difference for those injured clients.”

He felt ready to take up that mantle of responsibility once he earned his bar admissions.

Russell’s philosophy for car accident law. “The practice of law is based on helping. The only way to help a client is to work harder than the other side and dedicate yourself to your client’s case.”

While Russell acknowledges that the law is a profession and attorneys need to make a living. At the end of the day, for him, attorneys are helpers and problem-solvers for the people who have entrusted them with their legal problems.

The origins of Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers. As a law clerk for a solo trial attorney, Russell saw how she had control over her days as well as the cases she decided to take on.

“She was able to handle the cases she wanted. I was able to see her build personal relationships with her clients. She cared. In turn, clients listed to her and trusted her. I loved the thought of running my own law office that way.”

Eventually, that’s what he did. He founded Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers in 2007. Today, the firm has recovered more than $38 million for its clients and helped more than 3,000 injured parties.

Russell in the community. Russell is a member of many plaintiff trial lawyer organizations. He was recently elected to seat on the board of directors for the Wisconsin State Bar Solo/Small Firm Section.

“Our office has worked hard to donate to and sponsor local organizations. We love our local communities in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota. I’m grateful that we can help.”

Russell outside the office. Russell and his wife have five children – all boys. He spends much of his time outside the office on recreational activities with them. He does distance running for fun and relaxation. He also enjoys snowboarding and wakeboarding.

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