Coming November 2023

Annual Personal Injury Special Issue

Attorney at Law Magazine is proud to present its Inaugural Personal Injury Special Issue celebrating personal injury lawyers nationwide. 

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Tell Your Story

Personal injury attorneys wishing to participate in the special issue should contact us at [email protected] or by completing the form below. Please note, space is limited and will be reserved first come, first serve.

Cover Story

One personal injury attorney will be featured as the Attorney of the Month and cover story for the annual Personal Injury issue.

The cover attorney will sit down with one of Attorney at Law Magazine's writers to share their story with our readers. The six-page feature story will be featured prominently on the website and newsletter in addition to the digital magazine.

The cover story includes a comprehensive digital rights package to reuse the story as a marketing tool to complement your other strategies.

Inside Stories

4-Page Feature Story

Personal injury attorneys or law firms can tell their story in a 4-page inside feature story. The story includes an interview with one of Attorney at Law Magazine's writers.

2-Page Q&A Interview

Personal injury attorneys can participate in the issue through a Q&A. Collaborate with Attorney at Law Magazine's editors on this 2-page interview.

1-Page Q&A Interview

Ideal for younger lawyers, the 1-page Q&A interview allows personal injury attorneys to collaborate with our editors to introduce themselves.

Learn More

Want to learn more about a feature story in the Personal Injury Special Issue? Complete the form below or email us at [email protected] and a member of our team will be in contact.

Submit Editoral

Personal injury attorneys can also participate in the issue by submitting editorial for publication. Articles can vary in topic from latest trends in personal injury cases and op-eds on new laws or rulings to tips on practice management and anecdotal musings on the practice of personal injury law. 

Attorneys should submit articles by October 15. Submissions will be considered for inclusion in the special issue or for website publication only. 

Upcoming Special Issues

Attorney at Law Magazine will produce a quarterly special issue on different practice areas. Below is our calendar of upcoming special issues. If you’d like more information about participating in the issues contact us today.