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Hurricane Damage Attorneys

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Hurricane Damage FAQs

Aren’t hurricane damage lawyers expensive?

Many people are hesitant to work with lawyers as they are unsure of the associated fees and lack understanding of how the hurricane damage claim filing process works. There is little to no risk to you, and the faster you submit your insurance claim, the easier it will be to prove the damages to your property resulting from the hurricane. Hiring a REPLACE_CITY hurricane damage lawyer will help you navigate these waters correctly and approach your insurance agency properly.

Does my homeowner's insurance cover hurricane damage in Louisiana?

Homeowner's insurance usually covers hurricane damage caused by high winds, hail, and rain. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. Usually, there is extra coverage you would need to purchase if the damage caused by the hurricane is flood-related. We recommend reaching out to your REPLACE_CITY insurance agency at the first sign there might be a hurricane coming for your property.

Am I entitled to more compensation than the insurance company initially offers?

In most cases, yes. REPLACE_STATE insurance companies always start with low ball offers to see if you will give in and settle. Do not take the first settlement an insurance company provides you. If you are taking on this endeavor without a REPLACE_CITY attorney, we strongly recommend reaching out to our firm.

What types of Louisiana hurricane claims do you handle?

Hurricane Ida Claims

Hurricane Ida was devastating, and the damage Ida caused is the most seen from any hurricane prior. Our Hurricane Ida attorneys can help you every step of the process to ensure your Hurricane Ida lawsuit is filed, and the proper compensation is received. Having the best REPLACE_CITY Hurricane Ida lawyer on your side will ease the headaches these insurance companies will cause.

Hurricane Delta Claims

Hurricane Delta struck Louisiana residents in 2020, coming in as the 4th named storm of 2020. Delta hit directly after Hurricane Laura damaged Louisiana the month earlier. Our Hurricane Delta attorneys can help you file claims for the Delta property damage received and fight to get the compensation you deserve. Call our Hurricane Delta lawyers to help file your Delta lawsuit and get you back under a sealed roof.

Hurricane Laura Claims

Hurricane Laura, tied with Hurricane Ida as one of the strongest hurricanes to break landfall in Louisiana, caused immense property damage to Louisiana residents. Hiring a Hurricane Laura attorney can help you deal with the insurance agencies properly. Filing a Hurricane Laura lawsuit is overwhelming, and having a Hurricane Laura attorney on your side will help!

What qualifications do I need to file a hurricane lawsuit?

  • You MUST have homeowners insurance
  • You MUST not have retained an attorney before us for the claim
  • You MUST have sustained legitimate damage to your property

* If you meet these qualifications, please reach out today for a free hurricane claim evaluation.

What types of property damages are accepted for hurricane claims in REPLACE_CITY?

  • Wind Damage
  • Roof Damage (Our #1 Claim)
  • Shingle Damage
  • Siding Damage
  • Other Major Property Damage

*We are currently not processing flood damage claims for Hurricane Ida, Delta, and Laura.

What types of property can I make a hurricane claim for in REPLACE_CITY?

  • House
  • Business Property
  • Mobile Home
  • Condo