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In Need of an Investment Loss Attorney?

Most individuals realize that investing comes with inherent risks. Even still, brokerage firms and investment advisors are bound by specific legal and regulatory obligations. If those duties are violated, individual investors have choices for pursuing financial recovery. Investment loss attorneys have vast experience representing clients who have suffered losses related to investment fraud, broker fraud, securities fraud, and stockbroker misconduct.

An investment loss attorney investigates their clients' claims and pursues all remedies available under the law for their client to get their investment returned plus damages. Depending on the type of investment and how much money was lost, their job entails many different strategies.

Types of Investment Disputes and How to Identify the Situation

Investment loss is a general term encompassing the many different types of fraud, theft, and misconduct. If there was a breach of fiduciary duty (the duty of fair dealing) and you lost money on an investment, you could have a valid claim for damages. An investment loss attorney can help with the following types of investment disputes:

  • Stockbroker fraud: A stockbroker's fraudulent conduct can result in significant losses in your portfolio. Often, it isn't until the investor loses a substantial amount of an investor's money that the scheme is discovered. If this happens, brokers and financial advisors can be held accountable in arbitration or litigation for defrauding their investors.
  • Securities fraud: Securities are complicated, naturally, you trust your financial advisers, brokers, or other financial experts to properly invest your funds according to your goals and risk tolerance. However, if you've lost a lot of money and lack a good explanation, it's a good idea to consult with a securities fraud attorney. There are several warning signs you should look for.
  • Stockbroker misconduct: Misconduct can take on many forms, such as excessive trading or "churning," unauthorized trading, failing to follow instructions, misappropriation, and other criminal acts. A securities fraud lawyer should evaluate all forms of misconduct.
  • Broker theft: When a broker commits theft, fraud, or forgery, it's typically the client who is victimized. Some brokers aim to steal money from their clients through these means, and those that do should be liable for the damages they cause.

Be sure to review your investment account statements each month and be on the lookout for unauthorized or excessive trading. If something seems amiss, it's in your best interest to immediately bring it to your broker's attention. Another red flag to watch for is a "happiness" letter from your brokerage firm. It typically tells the investor to contact the branch manager with any questions without plainly stating that the account transactions might involve questionable broker conduct.

Hire an Investment Loss Attorney Before It's Too Late

All investors should be aware that all investments carry some degree of risk. When you invest in the market and lose money, it doesn't necessarily mean that your stockbroker or financial advisor made a mistake or was negligent. You can't bring a legal claim against your broker or advisor just because you're angry or disappointed about an investment loss.

However, suppose you suspect that your advisor is guilty of fraud, misconduct, or even unintentional negligence. In that case, you could have a valid legal claim. A skilled securities lawyer can help you uncover the truth and see if you have a claim by assessing your account statements, communications with your broker or advisor, and other evidence. Since stocks can be complex and confusing to those who don't have much experience with them, it's essential to hire a stockbroker fraud attorney. If you don't, you may never be aware of the fraud or your rights surrounding them. An experienced stockbroker fraud lawyer can investigate what is going on and build a case to help you receive the compensation you deserve for your losses. You are more likely to recover your losses with a seasoned investment loss lawyer on your side.