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New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer

New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney

Loyd J Bourgeois is a top Personal Injury attorney serving New Orleans, LA.

(504) 372-1444

About Loyd J Bourgeois

Loyd is a native of Louisiana who grew up in Bayou Gauche, a small town in St. Charles Parish. He is a devoted family man, married to a loving wife with three wonderful children. Loyd holds an engineering degree from LSU and graduated cum laude from Tulane Law School.

Throughout his career, Loyd has witnessed the struggles of individuals and families who, despite doing everything right in life, were left vulnerable when faced with sudden illness or injury. The protections they thought they had were often stripped away by greedy insurance companies, leaving them to fight for fair compensation.

Driven by his passion to help those in need, Loyd began representing clients who had suffered severe injuries in automobile crashes. He fights to secure fair compensation for his clients, empowering them to stand up to the intimidating forces of big insurance companies and government agencies.

Loyd understands that many of his clients have never been in such a situation before and may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to proceed. He strives to provide guidance, respect, compassion, and fairness to each and every one of his clients and is committed to being their champion and advocating for their rights.

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Loyd J Bourgeois

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