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In Need of a Sex Crimes Attorney?

Being suspected of or charged with a sex crime is a terribly traumatic experience. Suddenly, every move you make is under the microscope. Anyone in this position needs and deserves the services of an experienced sex crimes attorney or computer sex crimes attorney who will work diligently on your behalf to exonerate you of such grave accusations. The consequences of facing charges for sex crimes are far-reaching and life-changing. You need someone who will protect your rights with an effective defense. If you are accused of or facing charges for any of the following, it’s in your best interest to contact a sex crimes lawyer right away:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct (First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degree)
  • Computer Crimes (Child Pornography, Sexting)
  • Solicitation (Of a Minor, Prostitution, Sex Trafficking)

Types of Sex Crime Charges to Seek Representation For

There are many types of different offenses related to sex crimes. No matter which of the following charges you face, a seasoned criminal sexual conduct attorney can help.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • First Degree: Penetration of another individual or sexual contact with someone who is under age 13 and another serious condition—for instance, the alleged suspect used or threatened to use a dangerous weapon, the accused knew or had reason to know that the victim was mentally incapacitated, disabled, or physically helpless, or they were more than three years apart in age from the victim.  
  • Second Degree: Sexual contact and some other circumstance like the aforementioned.
  • Third Degree: Sexual penetration and some other circumstance like those in the first degree and second criminal sexual conduct or others, such as the two have a psychotherapist-patient relationship, or the offender was a masseuse to the other.
  • Fourth Degree: Sexual contact and other circumstances like those in third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Computer Sex Crimes

  • Child Pornography: Any visual depiction (pictures or videos) of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor. Production, distribution, importation, reception, or possession of any image of child pornography is a federal crime, whether done in person or online.
  • Sexting: Sending illicit messages and sharing nude or sexually explicit images by cell phone or computer.


  • Of a Minor: The request, plea, enticing, asking, or otherwise persuading a minor to commit an illegal sexual act
  • Prostitution: Arranging a meeting for the purpose of trading sex acts for money or something of value
  • Sex Trafficking: Using threats, coercion, or tricks to lure someone into prostitution

It should be noted that any solicitation act that involves an underage child is a felony crime. When facing federal charges, the stakes are high, and it’s imperative to have a highly skilled criminal sexual conduct lawyer on your side.

Hire a Sex Crimes Attorney For Your Case

Whatever types of sex crime charges you face, the consequences of a conviction can be extremely severe— changing your and your family’s life forever. For example, you could face decades in jail or federal prison and hefty fines, not to mention mandatory lifetime registration on the sex offender list and the hit to your reputation. However, you can decrease the risk of such consequences by hiring a seasoned sex crimes attorney or computer sex crimes lawyer today. With the right representation, you will have the best chance of an optimal outcome, no matter which charges you face or their severity.