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Charlotte Truck Accident Attorney

Charlotte Truck Accident Attorney

Ann Groninger is a top Truck Accident attorney serving Charlotte, NC.


About Ann Groninger

The terms "accident" and "crash" are often used interchangeably by many, but they carry distinct meanings. Gaining a clear grasp of this distinction is crucial if you intend to pursue legal action against another driver and secure comprehensive compensation.

"When we use the word "accident," we imply a scenario where no one is specifically at fault. On the other hand, "crash" implies that someone else bears responsibility and is therefore legally obligated to cover the expenses incurred due to the collision."

Crashes involving large tractor-trailer trucks are particularly perilous due to their substantial size and weight. Being involved in an incident with one of these commercial semis can lead to severe, and at times, enduring injuries.

Have you been in a collision involving a truck or another commercial vehicle? It's essential to seek guidance from an attorney who possesses a track record of dealing with formidable trucking corporations and insurance providers, often dealing with multi-million-dollar cases. Their seasoned truck accident attorneys have the expertise required for such situations.

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