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Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Data Provider Company



Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Data Provider Company


About UniCourt

UniCourt is a Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) company, providing real-time court data and legal analytics you can trust powered by the only API-first platform in LegalTech. UniCourt’s mission is to make legal data more organized, accessible, and useful for AmLaw firms and Fortune 500 companies. The UniCourt Enterprise API is the gold standard in legal data for business development and intelligence, litigation strategy and analytics, docket management, underwriting, and more.

UniCourt consolidates real-time data from state and federal courts, delivering the most complete and accurate dataset available. Law firms can weave together external litigation data from trusted sources with internal data on clients and matters, resulting in a distinct competitive advantage when engaging new clients and growing existing engagements. Unlike legacy data providers, UniCourt leverages highly sophisticated data normalization to deliver the comprehensive and well-structured dataset needed to power the next generation of legal analytics.

UniCourt’s LDaaS model drives innovation in the legal industry by removing the costly and burdensome barriers of data collection and data normalization and improving access to justice.


Why is UniCourt Our Recommended Legal Data Provider Company?

UniCourt is the leader in real-time legal data and produces one of the best-designed systems the Attorney at Law Magazine team has seen. UniCourt makes it simple to categorize case type, case status, party type, type of motion, and order. Even better? It tracks each docket. A key area other legal data providers have failed to include. 

UniCourt has spent the last three years creating a purpose-built API-first platform, including sample code, a robust Python library, and proprietary tools so business initiatives get off the ground and running on day one. Unified state and federal (PACER) court records allow all data to be found within one easy-to-use platform.

UniCourt's process allows attorneys to save a tremendous amount of time while removing the costly barriers of data collection and normalization when researching clients' cases.

If our recommendation doesn't say enough, UniCourt’s CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Blandi, has been featured in the Class of 2023 Legal Rebels by the ABA Journal and the ABA Center for Innovation, and UniCourt is the Technology Award Winner of the 2021 American Legal Technology Awards!

About the Leadership of UniCourt

Josh Blandi is the CEO and co-founder of UniCourt. Since 2014, under Josh’s leadership, UniCourt has developed world-class APIs to provide Legal Data as a Service, and he has assembled a diverse, global team based in the United States, India, and Australia, which includes legal professionals, data scientists, physicists, and computer engineers, all working together to unlock the potential of legal data.

Josh strongly believes in creating an ecosystem that removes the barriers to data collection and normalization, so that innovators can build the next generation of innovative legal services and technology solutions.

Josh also understands that the future of law depends on educating lawyers and law students about the potential of legal data and the importance of leveraging the legal tech ecosystem as a whole. To that end, he is a prolific writer and thought leader with multiple publications across the legal industry. Josh has also positioned UniCourt as a data partner of the newly launched Campbell Law Innovation Institute to provide law students with access to APIs and normalized legal data, so they can learn about the latest in technology and develop even better ways of practicing law and serving their clients. 

Stemming from Josh’s success at bringing forward Legal Data as a Service to the legal market, Josh has been featured in the Class of 2023 Legal Rebels by the ABA Journal and the ABA Center for Innovation, named as a Fastcase 50 recipient. In 2021 alone, UniCourt won both the American Legal Technology Awards for the Technology.

UniCourt FAQs

What is UniCourt?

UniCourt is a Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) company. It provides bulk access to normalized court data from state and federal courts through its app and APIs.

How much does UniCourt cost?

UniCourt offers monthly subscriptions starting at $49 per month with no long-term commitments, so you can cancel anytime. The company also offers discounted annual subscriptions and enterprise plans for high-volume users.

What are the features of UniCourt?

UniCourt is a trusted partner that AmLaw 50 firms and Fortune 500 companies rely on for legal data APIs, case research, and case tracking. To learn more about UniCourt’s offerings, see its Solutions page.

Does UniCourt offer an API?

UniCourt offers the UniCourt Enterprise API for real-time access to the legal information you need, including its court data API (PACER) and legal analytics API, which provides analytics on attorneys, law firms, judges, parties, and litigation trends.

What information is available through UniCourt?

UniCourt provides bulk access to court data from state and federal courts. Every day, it collects all new cases and court data filed publicly in the courts it covers. It then structures, standardizes, and enriches those court records to make them more accessible and useful, and it uses advanced machine learning to identify all of the real-world entities connected to litigation. UniCourt also provides free access to hundreds of millions of court records in their CrowdSourced Library.

What is the court coverage of UniCourt?

It covers all federal courts and many state courts. For more information on the courts covered, see the Court Coverage page.

How do I access UniCourt?

It’s easy. Sign Up Now with a monthly, no-commitment plan. Want bulk API access? Contact Sales for enterprise plans and volume discounts.

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