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<span>Site Social SEO</span>

Site Social SEO

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Marketing Company


Site Social SEO

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Marketing Company


About Site Social SEO

Site Social SEO helps small to medium-sized law firms that have a more moderate budget with SEO, digital marketing, and improving their online presence.

Site Social SEO focuses on transparency, personability, and long-term organic growth. Their goal isn’t to accumulate as many clients as possible; instead, they focus on quality over quantity so that they can truly help their clients without overextending themselves.

Their belief is that law firm SEO does not have to be mysterious or confusing. They explain everything they do and why, so that you feel comfortable with the services you are paying for. They believe that digital marketing deserves more transparency and client understanding, and they seek to provide that so clients know what they are getting and how it will help.

They specialize in creating high-quality, human-focused content that helps your law firm rank naturally. They believe that a strong, healthy website is the foundation of all other marketing efforts; without a great website that Google trusts, any other marketing—from word of mouth to PPC—will not do as well.

Site Social SEO has helped some of the country's most successful personal injury, criminal defense, and mass tort lawyers with their website’s ranking, using a customized yet strategic approach to SEO and digital marketing. Site Social SEO’s founder, Jordan Puckett, has been lucky enough to study under one of the country's most successful SEO lawyers, Matt Dolman, and with the owner of one of the biggest lawyer SEO companies in America.

Site Social SEO has always intended to keep their agency exclusive and partner-oriented—both with their employees and clients. Now, they are focused on the next steps in their journey. First, they are working every day to produce the best legal content in the industry. Second, they are developing new and innovative ways to help clients get more traffic and cases. And finally, they are focusing on giving back by helping marginalized business owners who are making a difference in their community with their online presence and SEO through

Site Social SEO can be summed up with — We do everything the giant agencies do, but slightly scaled down to fit a more moderate budget.


Why is Site Social SEO Our Recommended Legal Marketing Company?

Site Social SEO provides the advanced strategy that million-dollar law firms use for small to medium-sized law firms with a slimmer budget. High-quality, human-first content is their specialty, and when it comes to SEO, that is exactly what you want to focus on. With Jordan’s personable and always-available approach, we don’t think you will find customer service like this anywhere else. Jordan has mentored under and worked with some of the best personal injury lawyers and SEO specialists in the country and applies the exact strategies they use to help you dominate your local market. Site Social SEO is searching for new partners, and if you are a law firm looking for a company that is way more than just a marketing provider, then book a consultation with Jordan and his team at Site Social SEO today!

About the Leadership of Site Social SEO

My name is Jordan Puckett, and I'm the founder and CEO of Site Social SEO. My approach to business is all about connecting with people. I believe that through real relationships, we can accomplish much more than if we behave like a distant vendor.

I strive to make working with me feel like partnering with a friend who's an expert in law firm SEO. And just like with a friend, feel free to text, call or email me anytime. Regardless of Site Social SEO’s growth, I am still the lead strategist and point of contact for all my clients. And I plan to keep it that way.

My focus for Site Social SEO is on quality over quantity; I'm not looking to rule the industry or be an SEO guru. My goal is to continue to have the privilege to work in the legal SEO space and to take care of my clients, team, and family.

Over the last decade, I have developed a small but fiercely capable and loyal team. Most of them have been with me for 5+ years and their hard work and dedication are a true blessing to me, our agency, and our clients.

Inspired by my experience working with Attorney Matt Dolman, I founded Site Social SEO in 2015, specializing in boosting the online presence of small to medium law firms. Over the years, I have worked with some of the most successful law firms in the nation, and I am proud to say that many of them have been with me for years.

My deep industry knowledge and unique resources allow me to pinpoint successful SEO strategies that are proven to work for law firms. This is one of Site Social SEO’s biggest strengths.

As I’ve grown as a leader and law firm SEO expert, I’ve realized that digital marketing is about more than getting noticed online. It’s about providing my clients with what they really want: more free time so they can focus on whatever matters to them.

Site Social SEO FAQs

Why choose your agency?

Site Social SEO is an affordable, personable, and effective law firm SEO agency for small to medium firms who are looking for access to the same strategies that the $50k+per month agencies offer, but on a more moderate budget.

  • Personable: Our clients deal directly with our owner and lead strategist. You will not be left to deal with a client manager or an assistant.
  • Affordable: Site Social SEO uses the same strategies and processes that giant agencies use but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Focused: We prioritize quality over quantity. We only want as many clients as we can confidently help.
  • Effective: Our strategies are exactly the same as those used by giant agencies and produce the same results.
  • Experts: We are experts at creating human-first helpful content, which Google has made clear is its main ranking factor.
  • Honest: We are a small, private agency that relies on trust and honesty to get and maintain clients.
  • Trusted: We are trusted by some of the best law firms and lawyers in the country—and for good reason.

What makes your agency different?

We only provide SEO and digital marketing to lawyers and law firms. That's it. Our background—working alongside some of the powerhouses of the SEO industry—and our 10 years of constant research, development, and implementation of our own creative ideas allow us to offer the same effective strategies as the giant agencies but for clients with a more moderate budget. And we are able to be a lot more personable and friendly, too.

We are a small firm passionate about honesty, personability, and transparency
as we implement proven strategies, create customized plans, and do whatever
it takes to help you reach your goals. It really is that simple.

What services does your agency provide?

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Quality, Helpful Content
– Social Media Management
– Website Design
– Innovative Add-on Strategies

Do you provide a free consultation for a prospective client?

Yes. We offer a full analysis of a client's website and online presence so that we can suggest tailored strategies that complement our proven strategies.

Do you provide a free or paid website audit as a starting point?

Yes. We provide a complete website audit for free, which we complete before we have our initial call.

Is your agency solely focused on law firms?

Yes. We only work with lawyers and law firms.

Do you provide your services to all practice areas of the law?

We are experts in personal injury, criminal defense, veteran benefits, and mass tort law. However, our strategies easily translate to family, immigration, and employment law.

Do you provide exclusivity to your clients?

Yes, we provide geographic exclusivity as best we can. However, since most lawyers are looking for clients in any city and/or state, this is not always possible. But to be clear, we will not help two personal injury lawyers in the same city, for example.

When do you expect results to start for the law firms you take on as clients?

Six months. Organic SEO takes time, but it builds on itself, giving clients long-term benefits.

How long have you been doing SEO? 

I have been providing SEO services to lawyers for 10 years. I started with THE industry leader in law firm SEO, Matthew Dolman, so I hit the ground running, so to speak.

Do you offer SEO services for individual practitioners? 

Yes, we have a plan that allows individual attorneys to grow their online presence without spending the same amount that a 10-lawyer firm would need to spend, for example.

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