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<span>Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.</span>

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Marketing Company


Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Recommended Legal Marketing Company


About Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. specializes in attorney and law firm marketing services. Its marketing experts understand what it takes for you to succeed online. When you partner with Accel Marketing Solutions, you will benefit from a dedicated team focused on your online presence through their proven strategies, including onsite and offsite SEO strategies, custom website designs and builds, educational SEO-friendly content creation, video production, and a range of other tools. While other marketing companies create websites and say they do SEO, Accel Marketing Solutions dedicates itself to building a lasting imprint across the web.


Why is Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. Our Recommended Legal Marketing Company?

Accel Marketing Solutions is a superior legal marketing company offering an incredible service at an affordable price for small to medium-sized law firms across the United States. Starting with their stunning website design capabilities and mixing with their advanced web development and marketing minds, they truly offer an end-to-end service that law firms love. With their 5-star reputation and satisfied attorney advocates, you can rest assured that your legal marketing is in the right hands. Their customer service is spectacular as they strive to always exceed their client’s expectations.


About the Leadership of Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Elliot Stern has been a leader in legal marketing for over a decade. Having worked with attorneys for the majority of his career, he came to realize that not all companies devote the time and effort needed to make their clients successful. Mr. Stern founded Accel Marketing Solutions with a mission to put in the hard work for each and every client. Mr. Stern has conducted numerous seminars on attorney marketing across the county. He has consulted with thousands of attorneys over the last 20 years and is proud to lead the company he founded, Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. FAQs

Why choose your agency?

Accel Marketing Solutions is built on the bedrock of providing clients what so many others promise–a team of designers, web developers, content creators, and SEO specialists dedicated to helping each client get more clients from their marketing program. When you sign on with Accel Marketing Solutions, you will forge a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Members of Accel’s leadership team are not only dedicated; they are accessible. When you have questions, we have answers. When you have a request, we are here to help. When you call our office, you get a human right away. We make your marketing program personal.

What makes your agency different?

• Accel Marketing Solutions is exclusive to legal marketing
• We provide impactful successful SEO strategies that work
• Accel Marketing Solutions creates custom designs, we never use templates for our website builds
• Accel Marketing Solutions keeps up with the latest changes to Google’s algorithm & website performance metrics
• Accel Marketing Solutions creates custom educational content through a team of experienced legal writers
• We maintain an amazing standard of customer service

What services does your agency provide?

• Custom websites
• Custom designs
• Onsite and offsite SEO
• Custom educational content
• Custom educational blogging
• Video production
• Live Chat
• Social Media Marketing
• PPC and Local Service Ad Management

Do you provide a free consultation for a prospective client?


Do you provide a free or paid website audit as a starting point?


Is your agency solely focused on law firms?


Do you provide your services to all practice areas of the law?


Do you provide exclusivity to your clients?


When do you expect results to start for the law firms you take on as clients?

Depends on the practice area and geography. Our motto is to under-promise and over-deliver. Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc. is your one-stop agency for all your firm’s online marketing needs.

Contact Accel Marketing Solutions, Inc.


Specializes in lawyer marketing
SEO-rich state-specific educational content written by legal professionals
Custom-coded responsive websites
Custom Video Production produced at client’s location


Monday - Friday 8:30 am -5:00 pm

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