Dallas Criminal Defense lawyer

Steve Sumner

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Dallas Criminal Defense Local Legal Authority.

Steve Sumner

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Dallas Criminal Defense lawyer

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Dallas Criminal Defense Local Legal Authority.

Steve Sumner - Your Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney: From MLB to the Legal Big Leagues

Steve Sumner

Steve Sumner is a nationally-recognized trial lawyer, having tried both civil and criminal cases that drew nationwide attention. For over 20 years, he has represented Fortune 500 companies and individuals in high profile disputes throughout the country.

Steve focuses his practice on large scale competitor misconduct cases, which include fraud matters, competitor fraud disputes, whistleblower cases, trade secret protection, antitrust lawsuits, and major internal corporate investigations. In recent years, Steve has protected international outsourcing companies in pre-litigation negotiations, trials, and arbitrations. With his vast experience, Steve also adeptly represents corporate clients and individuals in cases where the client has both criminal and civil exposure.

Steve was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Hillcrest High School in Dallas, Texas.

Upon graduation from high school, Steve signed a professional baseball contract to be a pitcher with the Houston Astros. For the next four years, Steve pitched for the Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Senators. During his off seasons, he would attend college at North Texas State University (now The University of North Texas). His baseball career was shortened due to a shoulder injury, which allowed him to return to college on a full-time basis and then to law school.

Steve graduated from North Texas State University with a BBA in business administration and finance. Steve then attended South Texas College of Law and worked as a law clerk for the law firm of Talbert Giessel & Stone during his law school years. Steve graduated from South Texas College of Law with a juris doctorate degree.

After graduation from law school, Steve returned to Dallas where he joined the law firm of Burelson, Pate & Gibson. Initially, and as it is today, Steve focused his practice on civil litigation. During the early years of Steve’s career, he was fortunate to have worked under the tutelage of Phil Burleson and Racehorse Haynes.

Steve is a founding principal of Sumner Schick, which was established in 1986.

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About Dallas Criminal Defense Law

If you or your loved one is facing a criminal charge, it can be a nerve-wracking and intimidating time.  Given the complexity of criminal laws and the potentially severe consequences, an experienced Dallas criminal lawyer is essential to navigating through this uncertain time.

Below we have provided some basic information about Dallas criminal law, including when and how a Dallas criminal defense attorney in can be most useful.

What Are Criminal Charges?

At its simplest, an individual is facing criminal charges when they have committed a crime.  A crime is any act committed or omitted that violates a public law.  The laws of Texas will define these forbidden acts.  All crimes will generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Felony: Felonies are the most severe level of crime, generally punishable by imprisonment for more than a year, in addition to any fines.  Examples of crimes that are considered felonies include murder, arson, and rape.
  • Misdemeanor: Misdemeanors are lesser crimes, generally resulting in prison sentences of less than a year and lesser fines.  Examples of misdemeanors include trespassing and vandalism.
  • Infraction: Infractions are minor or petty crimes that normally do not result in jail time.  Examples include speeding or running a red light.

While each of the above categories of crimes come with different punishments, each can have a significant impact on an individual’s life.

How a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you are facing criminal charges, you should contact a Criminal Defense attorney in Dallas as soon as possible.  Regardless of whether you have committed some wrongdoing or if you are completely innocent, a licensed legal practitioner will be an invaluable resource throughout the criminal process.

A criminal lawyer in Dallas can assist in all facets of the criminal process, including:

  • Ensure Your Rights are Protected. You may have heard the recitation of Miranda rights in movies or TV shows – including the right to an attorney.  This is considered an essential right to those facing criminal charges because an attorney can ensure a charged individual receives all the rights they are due under the law.
  • Understand the Legal Process. Criminal attorneys know the ins and outs of the legal process for criminal cases.  They can assist you in any preliminary hearings, ensure your bail is set at a reasonable amount, and confirm that all legal procedures are being properly followed by the police and the prosecutor.
  • Create Defense Strategy. Lawyers who work in Dallas criminal law have significant experience strategizing the most effective way to handle a case.  This often includes striking deals with the prosecution and securing lesser sentences.
  • Understand Case Precedent. One important tool in a successful criminal case is past case law.  If there are past cases where a similarly situated defendant overcame criminal charges, an attorney can use this to persuade a judge or jury that you should see the same result.

As you or your loved one determines next steps for handling criminal charges, an Dallas Criminal Defense attorney will be an invaluable asset.  The criminal legal process can present unexpectedly complicated twists and turns, where a wrong step could result in serious limitations on your personal liberty.

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Dallas Criminal Defense lawyer

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