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Laurence Gendelman

Denver Estate Planning Attorney

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Laurence Gendelman

Denver Estate Planning Attorney

Denver Estate Planning Attorney

Laurence Gendelman

Laurence I. Gendelman, Esq. was raised in South Denver, attended Cherry Creek High School, and went to college and law school at the University of Colorado – Boulder.

Laurence’s vision for Gendelman Law Group is to provide Colorado families with high-quality, affordable, and pragmatic legal services in the areas of trust, estate, and family law in which he focuses his practice.

Trained in a large family law firm, Laurence gained invaluable experience working with high-asset, high-conflict divorces and child custody issues. He advocates for and advises clients regarding the division of complex financial assets including executive compensation packages
and benefits.

Laurence helps clients with complex estate plans involving second marriages and diverse families. He also works on both contested and uncontested probate matters including estate administration and will contests.

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Why Consult With A Denver Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning in Denver can be a challenging process. It’s a necessary step if you prefer to control your assets and determine how they’re distributed in your absence. If you’ve ever scrambled to help your aging parents get their financial affairs in order, you understand what can happen if you delay the inevitable.

You struggle to locate and gather relevant financial documents. If your parents have memory issues, you worry that you might be missing something important. You encounter added stress when you feel pressured by a real or imagined deadline. That’s why it’s a prudent idea to contact a Denver financial planning attorney before the timing becomes crucial.

Some families delay estate planning because of the personal and emotional challenges. The process forces you to deal with family issues, financial concerns, and end-of-life matters you might not want to think about. When you have substantial assets or a complicated family structure, planning efforts require time, energy and critical decision-making. Financial planning attorneys in Denver understand the difficulties. They use their training, knowledge, and expertise to make the estate planning process as simple as possible.

Preserving Your Estate in Denver

Your Denver estate planning lawyer can implement safeguards to reduce the estate taxes that can consume your savings and assets. Attorneys use a variety of financial instruments and procedures to accomplish this goal.

  • Charitable trusts and donations
  • Marital asset transfers
  • Lifetime gifts to relatives
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Life insurance
  • Annuities

Wills and Trusts 

Wills are traditional estate planning tools that ensure your assets are distributed according to your preferences. Denver Estate planning attorneys work with you to document your wishes. They formalize them using the estate planning instruments, guidelines, and procedures compatible with Colorado’s laws.

  • A will is a formal record of your instructions for distributing your assets after your death. For young families, they can designate a hierarchy of childcare if both parents die. They simplify the asset distribution process and allow your beneficiaries to avoid most probate court procedures. As wills are public records in many jurisdictions, they’re not private.
  • Living trusts appoint a trustee to control your assets if you become incapable of doing it yourself. It’s similar to a will in that it provides inheritance instructions for asset distribution after your death. Trusts aren’t publicly available records, so you keep your financial information private.

Health Directives

When you’re young or even middle-aged, you might not think about yourself when you consider end-of-life issues. No matter how old you are, it’s important to document your treatment requirements so you can avoid extreme treatment measures you don’t want. Catastrophic accidents, serious illnesses, and end-of-life issues occur at all ages. If you have strong concerns about life support, resuscitation, or other medical procedures, an estate planning attorney in Denver can formalize your wishes.

  • Advanced directives, living wills, and instruction directives help you designate the treatment you want or prefer not to have should you become unable to speak on your own behalf. Your estate planning attorney prepares a carefully worded document explaining your preferences for and against extreme treatment measures, resuscitation, and other medical procedures.
  • Health care power of attorneys and health care proxies grant formal healthcare decision-making control to the person you designate. The person holding your power of attorney receives instructions detailing your wishes. They make treatment decisions on your behalf when you are unable to speak up for yourself.

Contact a Denver Financial Planning Attorney

When you spend a lifetime building assets to pass on to your family, financial planning is the next important step. Whatever your age, marital status, parental status, or financial situation, a Denver financial planning attorney can work out a personalized strategy that accomplishes your financial preferences.


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Laurence Gendelman

Gendelman Law Group
Based on 6 reviews
Laurence and his team are absolutely amazing and I am happy to have him representing me in all 4 of my cases. He is very knowledgeable and strives to achieve the results you want! I am so grateful that I hired him for my family law needs! Thanks Laurence and team and Gendelman Law Group!!!!
Samantha Bay
Samantha Bay
03:52 17 Dec 19
Muy bien
Anthony Martínez
Anthony Martínez
00:58 16 Jun 19
Laurence is a conscientious attorney with a thorough understanding of family law. Strongly recommend him if you’re looking for a serious, tireless advocate.
Thomas Conradt
Thomas Conradt
20:08 30 May 19
When I initially went through my divorce, my legal team was incompetent. When issues from that process were reopened I opted to find new representation. The replacement team I found was Laurence Gendelman and his stellar crew. What a difference it makes to have an outstanding legal team on your side. Laurence genuinely cares about his clients, their cases, and the outcomes he achieves. He understands the law inside and out and consistently had multiple backup plans prepared and thought through to tackle any eventuality that presented, or that he thought was even a possibility of presenting.When everything was said and done in my own legal saga, my life was completely different. In a good way. Laurence and his team brought to my argument clarity, professionalism, tenacity, and a strategy that was explained, intelligent, and ultimately effective. It was clear throughout the process that his understanding of the law could be relied on and found comforting.I would recommend Laurence to anyone who finds themselves in a legal situation that falls within his area of practice. Choosing a lawyer can be daunting and the system and it's many confusing processes can feel impossible to navigate. Take the guess work out of the entire ordeal and choose a team that will have your back, give you great advice, and fight with everything they have to get you the best outcome possible.
Kell Kaiser
Kell Kaiser
21:32 23 Feb 19
My experience with Laurence and his team couldn't have been better. They made sure I was informed and comfortable with each decision every step of the way, and I cant be more appreciative of this firm's timeliness and prompt communication over all. Fair priced, easy to work with, and did not make me feel that my many questions were a burden. Laurence and his team helped me obtain the result I was looking for! Highly reccomend.
Tonya Roberts
Tonya Roberts
22:30 19 Aug 18
Laurence helped us with the adoption of our Daughter and the whole process was comfortable and an overall great experience!
Jeanai Legg
Jeanai Legg
01:55 16 Jun 18

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Denver Estate Planning Attorney

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