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Christina A. McKinnon

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About Christina A. McKinnon

Attorney McKinnon's passion lies in bringing about better solutions for the family litigation clients she serves. She aspires to expand her practice to a multiple-lawyer organization to service more families going through hard times coping and resolving a myriad of issues, including co-parenting, timesharing, the amicable division of assets acquired during the marriage, support and other ancillary matters related to the family. She enjoys bringing people out of difficult situations and is grateful when they let her know how her firm has made a huge impact on the trajectory of their futures. She loves bringing resolution to acrimonious situations and helping post-divorce parties live better. As a product of divorce, she had a first-hand look at the effects and benefits of a healthy divorce when she was a child. She also fell in love with the art of presentation at a relatively young age. While also excelling academically, becoming a lawyer was a natural choice for her. A compassionate person by nature, she is grateful for the many opportunities the law has provided along the way and for the freedom it provides by way of helping as many people as she can.


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Red carpet, VIP service with this outstanding legal team. Highly recommend!
Randi Johnson
Randi Johnson
01:38 04 Nov 19
Hiring McKinnon legal was the best decision I made when it came to dealing with the law. Christina did a great job explaining the legal system, what to expect and how she was going to best represent me. Most importantly, she genuinely listens to you and cares. You can y’all that she is passionate about what she does when it comes to helping her clients.
Whitney Robertson
Whitney Robertson
22:10 20 Aug 19
The Highest Form of Recommendation:I would give ten stars to Ms. McKinnon and her legal team if I could. Her attention to details is second to none. Ms. McKinnon took the time to explain everything to me and gave me more information just in the consultation than any other lawyer i i talked to. I could not be happier with the results of my case. I highly recommend McKinnon-Legal to anyone. Great Job!
Heavy Estime
Heavy Estime
19:20 06 Aug 19
Mrs. Christina McKinnon is an outstanding attorney; very compassionate and knowledgeable. She has fought for me more than once and I am very grateful and pleased with the outcome. She’s definitely not all bark and no bite. Her staff is also very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Christina and her firm to anyone seeking assistance for their family needs. Thank you, Christina and staff.
D. H
D. H
02:00 31 May 19

About Fort Lauderdale Family Law

Divorce is never easy but sometimes it’s the only solution. Whether you chose to end your marriage or you’re struggling with your spouse’s decision, the process is often complicated. Divorce is an emotional restructuring of your family’s life but it’s also a financial and legal process. If you’ve already made the critical divorce decision, it’s important to work with an attorney who understands that everything you do can affect your future.

Whether you choose to contest your divorce or work out a mutual agreement, you must still comply with state and local statutes and legal and financial responsibilities. When you have children, you must resolve custody issues. If you have a home, a car, and other financial assets, you must establish a method for equitable distribution. If only one spouse works outside of the home, spousal support is also a consideration.

An Fort Lauderdale attorney who specializes in Family Law can help you take the proper steps to resolve your divorce-related issues. A Fort Lauderdale family lawyer provides services that protect your legal, financial, and familial rights while resolving your legal complications.

Experienced Legal Advocacy

Fort Lauderdale Family lawyers specialize in divorce cases and other issues involving children and families. Their focus on family law gives them a comprehensive understanding of Family Law statutes, divorce procedures, and regional courtroom traditions. A family lawyer in Fort Lauderdale has the experience to work through anticipated and unexpected issues.

  • Child custody arrangements
  • Child visitation
  • Child support agreements
  • Spousal support
  • Hidden financial assets
  • Distribution of assets

Fact-Based Evaluations

Fort Lauderdale Family attorneys represent your legal interests and help you achieve the best possible outcome for your family. To accomplish this, they look at the evidence and issues and make objective assessments. They get to know you, your family and every detail about you and your spouse’s circumstances. Only then can they provide honest feedback about your most favorable legal and financial alternatives.

Comprehensive Case Preparation

A divorce is a legal process. Just like other legal issues, preparation makes a big difference in the ultimate outcome. As a Fort Lauderdale family lawyer reviews your case, they consider what they need to succeed on your behalf:

  • Court Requirements: Filings, pleadings, agreements, statements, depositions
  • Expert consultants: Specialists in family, financial, and social issues
  • Witnesses: Personal and professional support for your financial, family, and legal positions
  • Hearings: Compliance with a court-ordered discovery and negotiation schedules
  • Communication: Interaction with court officials, judges, and opposing counsel

Divorce Resolution in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Family Law attorneys understand that to resolve your pending divorce case, you and your spouse must address the key issues. This is usually difficult for divorcing couples to accomplish without a family law attorney’s communication and negotiation skills.

  • Negotiated settlements: Attorneys resolve cases by negotiating your position with the spouse’s attorney.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Divorcing parties and their attorneys participate in a facilitated negotiation process such as mediation. Parties present their evidence in a neutral setting, discuss their positions, and sometimes resolve difficult issues.
  • Court Hearings: Attorneys and the divorcing spouses eventually appear before an arbitrator, magistrate, judge or another court official. During a hearing, court officials encourage settlement negotiations. During a trial, parties present their evidence and a judge issues a decision on the divorce and all unresolved issues.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney

Divorce is hard. The certainty that you’re making the right decision doesn’t prevent the roller coaster highs and emotional lows. Family lawyers can’t take away the anxiety or eliminate a lifetime of memories, but through their efforts, they can help you gain peace of mind.

While you’re taking care of your family and adjusting to your new reality, Fort Lauderdale family attorneys handle the difficult interactions and issues. They protect your rights and help you work through the legal, financial, and family complications.

Fort Lauderdale Family Law Lawyer
Christina A. McKinnon of McKINNON LEGAL
The Local Legal Authority for Fort Lauderdale Family Law.