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Carney Shegerian

Los Angeles Employment Attorney

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Los Angeles Employment Local Legal Authority.

Carney Shegerian

Los Angeles Employment Attorney

Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

Attorney at Law Magazine’s Los Angeles Employment Local Legal Authority.

Carney Shegerian

Known as “The People’s Attorney” Carney Shegerian passionately advocates for the rights of his employee clients. He launched the employment law firm Shegerian & Associates over a decade ago. In that time, he has tried numerous jury trials to verdict and accepted numerous accolades, including the 2013 Trial Lawyer of the Year award. He and his team specialize in all areas of employment law including sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Shegerian has been featured in the Los Angeles print magazine, as the Attorney of the Month and cover story, “Labor of Love.” Additionally, he has been a long-time Los Angeles Employment Law columnists for our print magazine, in which he covers trending topics in the employment law industry.

Over the course of his career, he has won over 77 jury trials including 34 seven-figure verdicts.

About Los Angeles Employment Law

When you decide to start a business, you focus on funding, products, operations, and other immediate start-up concerns. Unless you have prior entrepreneurial experience, you might be surprised to learn about the complex network of employment laws that also require your time and attention. Your failure to comply with employee-related legal standards can lead to enforcement actions, penalties, fines, and unwanted attention from governmental agencies.

Los Angeles Employment law attorneys have the expertise to help your business avoid employee-related legal complications. They assist you in establishing and maintaining compliance with state, local and federal laws that regulate workplace policies and environments. When a compliance issue arises, Los Angeles employment lawyers provide the legal representation you need. They work to minimize the potential for adverse consequences that could affect your business.

The Internal Revenue Service 

The IRS controls business tax issues and many are employee-related. The agency requires businesses to document employee withholding and dependent data. They also have access to the workforce data that substantiates your claimed business expenses. The information you provide or fail to provide can present problems for several employee-related issues.

  • Employee Withholding: Employers are responsible for maintaining employee wage and salary records and paying the appropriate federal income tax withholding for each employee.
  • Employee Classification: Misclassification is a common IRS compliance issue. It occurs when businesses treat workers as though they were employees but classify and pay them as though they were independent contractors. Whether or not it’s intentional, it reduces an employer’s tax and social security withholding responsibilities. If the IRS detects a misclassification issue, they request payment of all unpaid withholding amounts and may assess a penalty.
  • Affordable Care Act: As the ACA is still in effect, businesses must file employee health insurance compliance documentation with their federal taxes each year.

The US Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act

The DOL administers and enforces the Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA is a compilation of federal standards that define employment terms and govern employer/employee relationships. Compliance failures sometimes lead to back payments and penalties.

During the 2019 fiscal year, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division recovered $322 million from companies that failed to comply with wage and overtime guidelines. Over the past five years, the agency recovered more than $1.4 billion in wages for underpaid workers across the country. The DOL enforces violations related to a number of FLSA employment issues.

  • Child Labor
  • Tipped Employees
  • Minimum Wages and Youth Minimum Wages
  • Nursing Mothers
  • Industrial Home Workers
  • Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Agricultural vs Non-Farm Employees
  • Federal Record-Keeping Standards

The National Labor Relations Board

The NLRB investigates allegations that an employer retaliated against an employee for asserting their workplace rights. They pursue cases involving several rights violation categories.

  • Employee Rights: Guarantees employees’ right to organize or choose not to organize
  • Employer/Union Rights Obligations: Forbids employers from interfering with union activities
  • Social Media: Protects employees’ right to address work concerns in workplace conversations and on social media
  • National Labor Relations Act Right to Strike: Protects employees’ striking rights, their right to collective bargaining, and their right to “mutual aid and protection”

Occupational Health and Safety

OSHA investigates workplace safety violations based on guidelines established by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The agency conducts accident site investigations to determine compliance with OSHA safety standards. They assess penalties when a serious injury or death occurs because of an employer’s failure to comply.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The EEOC enforces federal laws that ban discriminatory practices against job applicants and employees. Designated classes include race, color, religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, and disability. The agency also investigates cases where employees allege retaliation for filing an EEOC complaint.

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Federal employment laws and guidelines cover a wide spectrum of issues. For many business owners, they are often complex and difficult to interpret. Employment law attorneys in Los Angeles provide valuable assistance by identifying relevant employment issues and providing guidance, advice, and assistance with compliance problems.


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Shegerian & Associates, Inc
Based on 75 reviews
I could not have been more satisfied with Shegerian and Associates! My attorneys Anthony Nguyen and Stephanie Le are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helped to make me feel at ease during my entire process. If you are searching for a law firm that values talent and integrity, Shegerian & Associates is the best option!
Elizabeth Dionna
Elizabeth Dionna
23:58 08 Jul 19
Thank you... too Irene Gharapet Gloria tumanyan And Mahum KhanAnd all other associates who worked on my case. You guys are wonderful. They are very professional and have great expertise on a wrongful termination case. They answered all my questions and got back to me right away. This case was settled right before trial and I can not thank you Irene and your firm enough for all your efforts. I highly recommend this firm because justice is what we deserve and it was handled accordingly.
17:27 26 Apr 19
Monique Eginli, did a fabulous job for in a difficult matter, was very comforting; kind through the whole process to the very end. I'm thankful and grateful that she was there for me!
Robert Gallegos
Robert Gallegos
17:44 19 Apr 19
Monique Eginli handled my case and I can honestly say she did an amazing job. She was very professional and super helpful because I don’t know much about legal information so she really put things into perspective for me. During the long process I started to feel like everything I was doing was going to be for nothing but I was wrong. Yes, they’re cut is pretty high compared to other firms I looked into but I’m glad I chose to work with them. They work hard on your case and it really shows. She was quick on getting back to me as well.
Jessica Fontanoza
Jessica Fontanoza
20:57 18 Feb 19

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