How to submit pictures

Image Specs

Attorney at Law Magazine strives to create publications with original content and good aesthetics. Please follow the image requirements below for a great final result on your article or feature.

If you don’t have a photo or you need to schedule a photoshoot, contact your local publisher for more information.

Attorney at Law Magazine is not responsible for image retouching. If image retouching is required, Attorney at Law Magazine requires photographer permission and charges $100 an hour.

Pixel Dimensions aprox:

Image Spread

Print Publications Spread at least:
5025 x 3338 px

FULL Page Image

Print Publication Full Page
2250 x 3300 px

1/2 Page Image

Print Publication Half page
2400 x 1800 px

Submit your image via email to [email protected].

For other inquires, please contact your local publisher or email us at [email protected].