Top 5 Legal Nurse Consultants (Ranked)

There’s often an inconceivable volume of records when it comes to medical malpractice, long-term care, and other medically-involved cases. Most attorneys don’t have any formal medical training, making it difficult to sort through the bulk of the documents to identify the merits of the case quickly and efficiently. Legal nurse consultants make an attorney’s job much easier because they:

  • Perform medical record reviews: The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is frequently difficult to understand when viewed on printed documents. A legal nurse consultant knows how to chronologically order and decipher these documents to help you better understand the case.
  • Help pinpoint the standard of care: Legal nurse consultants weed through practice acts, regulatory resources, and scientific literature to help identify the most accurate and applicable standard of care to the client’s particular case and circumstances. They are well-versed in many complex medical topics.
  • Provide expert opinion: The opinion of a legal nurse consultant is highly regarded in medical malpractice and long-term care cases. They make good expert witnesses who can help explain the standard of care or medical pathophysiology. 

Hiring a legal nurse consultant will save you time and spare you the in-depth medical research these cases require. These experts allow you to keep your focus on practicing law. 

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Founded by an experienced RN of nearly 20 years and a Nurse Practitioner for the last 9 years, Discovery NP Legal Consultants is unique in that it utilizes nurse practitioners (NP) who have a specific clinical specialty area and who in most states clinically function more similar to physicians than to nurses. However despite this obvious clinical advantage, Discovery NP Legal Consultants’ NPs bill at RN rates. Their nurse practitioners have first-hand knowledge of the applicable standards of care and can help attorneys and law firms determine the merits of a given case. They rely on a round table approach, collaborating behind the scenes to ensure the practitioner assigned to your case has the most knowledge and clinical expertise specific to the case the medical malpractice attorney is representing. If there is a tight deadline, multiple experts can work on your case at one time. Another benefit is that no matter which NP is on your case, you’ll only receive a single bill which eliminates headaches during the medical research process.

Discovery NP Legal Consultants can also work with RNs you might already have on your team. They offer complete packages and a la carte services, including: 

  • Comprehensive Flow: A sortable chronological and witness-oriented bird’s eye view
  • Master Table of Contents: With a trained medical eye, our team teases out the individual records within lengthy PDFs and hyperlinks to each record. Distinguishes the relevant from the extraneous, cutting right to the chase and saving the attorney, the paralegal, and all expert witnesses hours of skimming time.
  • Editorial Narrative Summary: Provides a medical professionals impression of the case and can include rationales and supportive literature upon request
  • Case-Custom Glossary: A searchable case-relevant reference sheet for medical terminology and abbreviations
  • Document Request List: Let’s you know what’s missing, why you need it, and what facility has it
  • Deposition Assistant: Questions developed by a nurse practitioner that will help you uncover the information that you need
  • Cloud-based and Attorney-Owned Work Product: Discovery NP provides its clients with one central document in a raw and editable format that litigators can use throughout the lifespan of their cases.
  • HIPAA-compliant indirect access on the same retainer to “Consultants to the Consultants” for additional opinions including an ER physician, radiologist for second opinions on scans, pharmacist, certified nurse-midwife, and more.

What others are saying:

“The team used a collaborative approach. It was not just a case of two heads being better than one. Four or five specialized nurse practitioners reviewed the records and gave their assessment of the case. They also shared ideas about what information might be missing and what questions still needed to be answered. They were very knowledgeable.”

-Claire Nolan, Attorney at Law

“The professionals at Discovery NP Legal Consultants are fast and efficient, and worth the investment. They are up on the technology of database and file-sharing that produces an awesome synergy between my office and theirs.”

-Jarom Whithead, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Idaho

Call Discovery NP Legal Consultants today at 208-795-3430!

Or visit their website to learn more!

Tracy Liberatore founded Med Legal Pro after working as a physician’s assistant in many medical specialties and earning her Juris Doctorate. Her vast medical experience combined with in-depth legal knowledge to deliver professional results to many distinguished law firms. Her team of experts covers or includes the following:

  • A certified life care planner
  • Forensic pathology & anatomic pathology
  • A board-certified clinical neuropsychologist
  • A board-certified ENT physician
  • Medical cost projections 
  • Medical coding & billing
  • Phlebotomy, laboratories, testing
  • Infection control and infectious diseases
  • Wound care
  • Regulation compliance

Med Legal Pro offers a wide variety of medical and legal consulting services, including:

  • Organizing electronic and printed medical records
  • Assembling one set of printed medical records in a binder
  • Providing hospital and nursing home tabs
  • Creating a detailed index of records
  • Identifying missing records
  • Preparing chronologies with bates stamping and links to the record for use by a physician expert
  • Preparing case summaries that can be used to locate the appropriate expert

What others are saying:

  • “Med Legal Pro is outstanding and will provide added value to your case/clients. They gave us more than we asked for:
    1. Thorough, well-researched work product
    2. Reliable services for our clients
    3. We got more than we expected, added case value

           Med Legal Pro is the best service of this type that we have ever used.”

Joseph P. Lenahan Attorney |

  • “The records we work with are frequently unorganized and voluminous, and the stakes are very high. Ms. Liberatore has been instrumental in this regard. She has consistently provided detailed medical chronologies analyzing and summarizing immense amounts of information, often under extreme time constraints. She is excellent at identifying issues that Opposing Counsel will pursue, and her work helps us respond. Lastly, she is an excellent resource who goes above and beyond the stated task by answering questions that we encounter in our representation. In the past, if she didn’t know the answer immediately, she has come back to us with research and analysis that helped us keep moving forwards. She is an absolute asset to our team.

Thomas F DellaFera Jr., Esq. Managing Attorney |

MED LAW Consulting

For over a decade, Amy G. Fogelman, MD, has worked as a primary care physician and Harvard Medical School Instructor. She founded MED LAW Consulting after realizing there was a void to be filled in the medical and legal consulting field. Her firm utilizes this Primary Care model. Dr. Fogelman serves as the litigator’s own personal medical expert for the entire case as if the law firm had an in-house physician on staff. This role allows Dr. Fogelman to assist in medical-legal cases in various ways, beginning with case selection all the way through trial.

Her services include:

  • Medical expert matching
  • Medical record review/analysis 
  • Written medical records summary
  • Screen cases for merit-based on medical facts
  • Discourse on the breach of the standard of care
  • Preparing a comprehensive medical literature review
  • Deposition and trial preparation and support
  • Neutral medical expert for mediation or arbitration

What others are saying:

  • “5/5 stars. I was connected with very professional lawyers with interesting cases. I appreciate the chance to expand my network.”

Jessica Anchor – Samuels, MD (Internist) Springfield, MA

  • “Clear communication from the beginning, with properly spaced out follow up. Highly recommend Med Law Consulting.”

Scott Diamond, DC (Chiropractor) Dedham, MA

Physicians Medical Review

Physicians Medical Review has a unique approach to this niche. It was founded by an orthopedic surgeon and then joined by a trial lawyer shortly after. PMR is managed unlike other firms in their field. They rely on a combination of board-certified physicians and clinical academicians to deliver superior consulting for better results in mass torts and civil litigation. Their highly experienced professionals:

  • Evaluate the merit of medical cases 
  • Provide medical specialization and experienced physician’s counsel to our attorneys for deposition, mediation, and trial cross-examination strategy

Legal Nurse Consultants USA, LLC  was founded by Georgina Bell, RN BSN-Manager. With over 24 years of experience, she has developed a methodical way to evaluate medical claims. Each case gets directed to a healthcare professional who is actively practicing that particular specialty. As such, their nurses are abreast of the most recent healthcare trends and standards, enabling them to provide an up-to-date,  relevant opinion to move the lawsuit forward. Legal Nurse Consultants offers several different services, including:

  • Assessing medical records
  • Analyzing cases
  • Coordinate and attend independent medical examinations (IMEs)
  • Develop life care plans
  • Interview plaintiff and defense clients, key witnesses, and experts
  • Consult with healthcare providers
  • Assistance with discovery and court preparation
  • Nurse Life Care Planning (NLCP)

They can assist with a wide range of cases, including:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Worker’s comp
  • Toxic tort & environmental Cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Cases involving health, injury, or illness

While legal and medical fields are separate entities, sometimes they cross paths in significant ways. For law firms and solo attorneys to keep doing what they do best, they need to enlist the help of other experts such as legal nurse consultants. Selecting the right medical consulting firm will lighten your load and propel your cases forward to success.

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