Freed to Run 5.0

Freed to Run 5.0 began Nov. 15 in Tallahassee and ended Saturday, November 20 at the Duval County Court House with Baptist Health matching the funds at 125 percent, which brings the total raised in 2021 to $405,000 and the total over five years to $1.9 million. Below are the teams that participated.
  1. Raoul Sanchez, Carithers Pediatric Group
  2. Daniel Navarro, JALA Board of Directors
  3. Bradley Bodiford, JALA Board of Directors
  4. Penny Schmidt, JWLA 5K Team
  5. Dennis James, VyStar Credit Union
  6. Brandi Salomone, Carithers Pediatric Group
  7. Nicky & Michael Parker, Carithers Pediatric Group
  8. William Barefield, VyStar Credit Union
  9. Jen Holmes, Carithers Pediatric Group
  10. Michelle McCreary, Carithers Pediatric Group
  11. Stacey Clark, JALA Board of Directors
  12. Eric Krall, Team Krall
  13. Lauren Purdy, Team Purdy
  14. Paul Bement, VyStar Credit Union
  15. Derod Moody, VyStar Credit Union
  16. Ali Chahlavi, Back it Like it’s Hot!
  17. Jay Grife, JALA Staff
  18. Howard McGillin, St Johns – JALA Velo Connection Team
  19. Heather Horovitz, VyStar Credit Union
  20. Brett Winney, VyStar Credit Union

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