Freedom Amendments: The Annual Seventh Amendment Symposium

Freedom Amendments

On May 8, Scott Sheftall and WC Gentry participated in the American Board of Trial Advocates Annual Seventh Amendment Symposium presentations for the school district to present to the students online.

“Freedom Amendments” with Scott Sheftall playing George Washington and WC Gentry playing a time traveler at the home of George Washington — Mount Veronon on the Potomac River in Virginia.

“To survive and thrive, our nation must ensure that its citizens, including its students, are provided every opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of civics,” says Circuit Judge Karen K. Cole. “We lawyers and judges have an obligation to assist in providing that opportunity through various means, including by offering school systems interactive classroom lessons with robust Socratic inquiries about the history, function, and operation of our tripartite government; by organizing intriguing free seminars, led by professors and other experts, about the history and meaning of our federal and state Constitutions; and by at all times encouraging the free and civil discussion of ideas.”

“A robust understanding of the role of the judicial branch in our system of government is critical to preserving the rights and freedoms of our democracy,” says U.S. District Judge Marcia Mvorales Howard. “It is both a privilege and a pleasure, as a judge, to be able to participate in civics education programs with the students of our community to enrich their understanding of our justice system. While we prefer to spend time with the students in person, our inability to do so under the current COVID-19 health challenge does not diminish our commitment to this important component of civics education.  We commend the Jacksonville Chapter of ABOTA for assuring that its annual Seventh Amendment Symposium is not added to the list of experiences lost as a result of COVID-19.”

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    A special thank you to videographer, James Jenkins.

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