Pablo S. Quesada: Client-First Firm

Pablo S.Quesada

Raised in Miami, Pablo Quesada is a dynamic attorney who has established his legal prowess in both domestic and international arenas. A founding partner of SMGQ Law, AV Preeminent-rated Quesada focuses his practice on corporate, securities and tax law as well as in leading complex commercial litigation matters involving corporate, stockholder and board governance issues.

Prior to forming his firm, Quesada served as regional counsel for VISA’s Latin America and Caribbean region, providing legal counsel to all business units at VISA’s regional headquarters in Miami, and its sub-regional offices in Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Responsible for advising all levels of management, Quesada honed his skills on the interpretation and application of domestic and foreign laws as well as gaining specialized knowledge in data protection, privacy and banking laws. In his capacity with VISA, Quesada also realized his proclivity for administrating sound business advice to establish and grow not only business units but also establish new revenue streams.

“While at VISA, I gained invaluable business knowledge that has helped me further develop my practice,” noted Quesada. “I currently work closely with management teams of many corporations that are either launching a new business or new business segments or seeking rapid expansion.”

Drawing on this knowledge, Quesada is currently working with a large apparel manufacturer in Puerto Rico, as it restructures its operations to strengthen its industry position during this economic environment. Acting as an extended part of its internal team and apart from his tending to its daily corporate needs, Quesada attends quarterly executive meetings to counsel the company on its legal framework and offer sound business advice to grow its business. Quesada is similarly now assisting a separate manufacturer launch its operations in North Carolina and establish partnerships with various industry leaders.

In terms of his firm, Quesada continually strives to ensure it remains a client-first firm known for its high-caliber services, responsiveness to clients and direct partner involvement.

“Our clients appreciate our approach that an experienced partner works directly with the client, as opposed to layering the relationship with junior partners and associates. Our business model has been cost-effective to our clients, and they have rewarded us with their loyalty. We have developed a solid client base, attracting not only local clients, but companies from throughout the country and abroad,” said Quesada. “Our focus remains on our existing specialties, but eventually, we may expand our practice areas to include employment, bankruptcy and immigration to serve the needs of our clients. We don’t, however, want to grow our firm just for the sake of getting bigger.”

While managing a firm requires a great deal of dedication to meet both client and firm needs, Quesada stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. “A great part of my day is spent tending to client and firm matters,” noted Quesada. “That does not, however, mean that I am unable to recognize the important things in my life. Family has always been my motivating factor, and I make the time to enjoy my wife and two daughters, and actively participate in our home life.”

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