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For more than 13 years, Attorney at Law Magazine has been helping attorneys share their story with potential clients. Beyond the case stats and jingles, is the story of someone passionate about their career. Let us tell your story and jumpstart the know, like, trust cycle.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justices, State Supreme Court Justices, State Attorneys General, Presidents and Officers of national, state and local Bar Associations, Managing Partners of large U.S. law firms, and many nationally acclaimed private practice attorneys.

The Power of Stories

You know the statistics. It’s been proven by marketers over and over, people connect and recall stories more. Traditional advertising has even been influenced by our intrinsic reaction to stories. 

With a story in Attorney at Law Magazine, you are able to expand beyond the stats and CV presented on your website and the catchy jingle in your advertising. In a story, you are able to show your potential clients who you are, why you became a lawyer, the struggles you faced as you started your career, the realities of law that created the practice you have today.

Your website can show how qualified you are to represent your client. Your story can help you to connect with that potential client before they ever pick up the phone. In fact, when they’re comparing you and an equally qualified lawyer, your story may be the impetus to tip the scales in your favor. 

With a variety of marketing options, we can help you turn your story into a powerful tool. 

The Attorney at Law Magazine Feature

We offer both complimentary interviews and paid marketing options. Contact our editorial team to discuss your story and your marketing needs. 

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The Q&A Interview

With the Q&A interview, one of our writers will draft questions and send them to you via email for your response. Return your answers with a photo for publication. 

The Feature Interview

With the feature interview, one of Attorney at Law Magazine’s writers will conduct a phone interview. They will collaborate with you to craft your story. 

The Design

With the purchase of one of the marketing upgrades, Attorney at Law Magazine’s design team will create a magazine layout of your feature and a custom design of your story on the website. The designers will use submitted photos along with stock photography to create a beautiful layout.  

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The Marketing Package

Depending on your marketing upgrade, you will receive the following marketing collateral to use in your marketing endeavors:

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