Terms & Conditions

SERVICE: This Agreement between Target Market Media (“TMM”) and the Purchaser details the cost for producing and publishing a Feature Story in the above named magazine (“Magazine”).

PAYMENT: The total of this Agreement must be paid in full in advance of any production of said feature story.

CANCELLATIONS: Due to the unique nature of a Feature Story, no cancellations or refunds are permitted for any reason.

RELEASE: Purchaser gives TMM permission to copy, print, publish, distribute, display, and webcast all text, materials, photographs, and/or digital videos in which Purchaser has participated or appeared, and which were written or provided by either TMM or Purchaser, in the Magazine, on TMM’s or its Magazine’s websites, and in all of TMM’s marketing, sales, and promotional materials.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: TMM retains the right to change the publishing date for any reason. TMM will provide a professional writer for all feature stories. Purchaser agrees to make Purchaser (and/or Purchaser’s Principals and Employees who will participate in the Feature Story) available for approximately 1.5-2 hours for scheduled interview. Purchaser will supply five to six high resolution images for the feature story. Purchaser has the right to approve the copy, subject to TMM’s sole right and discretion to make final editing decisions as to the content for the Magazine. Purchaser will be provided with a final designed PDF, they will have 48 hours to review and respond with any comments/revisions or an approval. Non-response within 48 hours will be viewed as consent to publish the feature as is. You acknowledge that this contract contains all agreed upon terms and conditions.

GENERAL: This Agreement may be executed by the parties in one or more counterparts, and any number of counterparts signed in the aggregate by the parties shall constitute a single instrument. By accepting the terms below, this Agreement shall be binding upon the parties to the same extent as original ink signatures.  The validity, interpretation and legal effect of this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Arizona applicable to contracts entered into and performed entirely within such State. The Arizona courts (state and federal) will have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any controversies regarding this Agreement, and the parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of said courts.

COLLECTIONS: In the event a check is returned for NSF or a credit card transaction is reversed a fee of 5 percent of the payment amount or $50.00, whichever is greater, will be applied to the amount due to cover the bank fees. Any outstanding and overdue balance owed will be charged a finance fee of 18 percent per annum. In the event of nonpayment, Purchaser shall be liable for the full outstanding balance plus accrued interest. Purchaser shall be liable for all collection costs and attorneys’ fees incurred in an effort to secure payment, regardless of whether a court proceeding is brought to enforce this Agreement.