The Sponsored Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town is one of the most popular sections in Attorney at Law Magazine. Lawyers, law firms and legal associations are invited to submit news items free of charge for online publication. 

We receive dozens of press releases each day. 

The Sponsored Post

We offer the option to sponsor your press release which will allow for your press release to get top billing for at least 1 week. Below is a brief description of all included with the purchase.

Top Listing on National Talk of the Town

Your press release will be placed in the top spot on the national page. This spot is also slightly more prominent in size. 

Top Listing on State & Local Talk of the Town

Your press release will also be placed in the top spot on the state Talk of the Town, and if we have more than one location in your state, on the local page (i.e., Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, etc.).

Featured in Weekly Newsletter

The press release will be one of the top two press releases featured in the weekly newsletter with highlighted news from the week. 

Promoted on Social Media

The press release will also be promoted on the Attorney at Law Magazine social media accounts as #FeaturedNews. 

Interview in Featured News

One of Attorney at Law Magazine’s writers will send a set of custom questions to the attorney(s) featured in the press release. The interview about the news announcement will be featured on the local site and in the featured news section of the magazine. 

Talk of the Town