Zaneta Adams Provides Keynote During WMU-Cooley Veteran’s Day

Zaneta Adams
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LANSING, MI—In honor of Veteran’s Day, WMU-Cooley Law School hosted a virtual conversation with WMU-Cooley graduate and Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Zaneta Adams. Associate Dean and retired Brigadier General Michael C.H. McDaniel led the conversation that included Adams’ path from the U.S. Army to law school while overcoming obstacles, and her experiences as a leader in social justice for the veteran community.

While serving in the Army Adams suffered a severe back injury, which left her unable to perform most normal daily functions. After serving eight years and going through rehabilitation, she pursued a legal degree while attending WMU-Cooley.

During the conversation, Adams, who founded WINC: For All Women Veteran’s a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women veterans nationwide, spoke about recognizing that women have served in the military.

“We need to recognize collectively that women served too. We don’t serve in that rare capacity but in a huge capacity. Women veterans are expected to grow 18 percent in population by 2025. We are serving in a greater rate,” said Adams.

While speaking about issues unique to female veterans, Adams discussed the need for better health care and mental health care options due to sexual harassment and sexual assault.


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