10 TV Characters Who Should Have an Attorney on Speed Dial

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[tps_title]No. 2: Joe Exotic – Tiger King[/tps_title]

Joe ExoticTo be fair, Joe is a “real person” but a character, nonetheless. Just because Mr. Exotic was created in his own mind rather than in the writer’s room doesn’t make him any less compelling or outrageous. Running a borderline legal roadside “zoo,” the blonde mullet-sporting polygamist, country singer struts around his kingdom with a pistol and his nearly-toothless husband by his side. With a varied assortment of humanity’s rejects (many of whom are missing various limbs due to encounters with the onsite wildlife) handling the day-to-day grunt work, Joe frolics with tigers, pontificates on inane subjects and plots the murder of his nemesis who operates a big cat preserve. Not surprisingly, Joe is currently incarcerated but not muzzled. He is busy launching a lawsuit claiming there was a conspiracy behind him being locked up, and it led to the death of his mom. Stay tuned barristers.


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