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Lake Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lake Charles Criminal Defense Attorney

Jonathan L. Johnson is a top Criminal Defense attorney serving Lake Charles, LA.

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About Jonathan L. Johnson

Are you facing a criminal charge in Lake Charles, Louisiana? Even a misdemeanor conviction can have life-changing implications. When you are facing prosecution from the State or Federal Government and its extensive resources, pursue experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. A Lake Charles criminal defense lawyer at The Johnson Firm can support you explore legal defenses to your charge and seek to have your charge lowered or dismissed.

At The Johnson Firm, our private investigation helps differentiate our approach to criminal defense in Louisiana. Having your case privately investigated can level the playing field and help overcome issues like police reports that only help the prosecution or suppress boilerplate information.

Police reports are often incorrect or leaves out information that benefits the defense. We also work to guarantee all evidence is turned over by the state. It’s not unusual for police to lose or fail to protect critical evidence only for the prosecution to fight in court to avoid explaining its loss. With all evidence available at the beginning, we can craft a more effective defense.

For complicated cases that seem sure to go to trial, we will take the extra step to subpoena the personal records of the police officers to discover issues of credibility. 

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