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Houston Maritime Lawyer

Houston Maritime Attorney

Michael Winkleman is a top Maritime attorney serving Houston, TX.

2015 Top Attorneys Under 40, Florida Trend Magazine
2017 Top 20 under 40 Professional, Brickell Magazine
TV Appearances including Today Show, Good Morning America & 20/20
Landmark Appellate Decision in KT v. Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Michael Winkleman is our recommended Houston Maritime attorney. 713-322-6347

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About Michael Winkleman

Michael Winkleman is a named partner at Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. – the nation’s leading maritime firm. His firm handles cruise ship personal injury, cruise line sexual assault, wrongful death claims, boating accidents, and any other accidents at sea or while on the water. Mr. Winkleman has been named “Best Lawyers”® in America, and his firm is named “Best Law Firms”® by US News & World Report

Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. is comprised of 14 full-time experienced maritime lawyers. They have recovered well over $300 million dollars on behalf of their clients and handled in excess of 3,000 cases. The firm has been in service for 50 years - having been founded in 1971.

If you have been injured or assaulted at sea, contact us for a free consultation, and let us put our decades of experience to work for you.  

Attorney and Author

Michael Winkleman is an author for our magazine specializing in maritime articles.

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About Houston Maritime Law/Cruise Law

Maritime law (also known as admiralty law) is the body of law that governs nautical issues and private maritime disputes as well as offenses occurring on open water.

What Does a Maritime Lawyer in Houston Do?

The Houston maritime lawyer works with clients to oversee insurance claims related to a client’s ships and/or cargo. They also deal with issues that may arise between shipowners, their employees and passengers. A maritime attorney in Houston, Texas also works with clients on the registration, licensing and inspection procedures for their ships. They also draft contracts for clients and litigate any issues that may arise from a contract dispute.

The Houston maritime attorney works with clients on both shipping and passenger ships.

The International Maritime Organization

The United Nations founded the International Maritime Organization in 1948 to establish a permanent international body that established international regulations followed by all shipping nations to improve the safety of the sea. The organization met for the first time in 1959. The United States of America became a member in 1950. There are currently 174 member states.

This body has drafted certain regulations to help navigate international law when it comes to shipping.

For private and commercial shipping matters, Article III of the Constitution granted jurisdiction to the U.S. federal courts over maritime matters. While the federal courts have jurisdiction, maritime cases can be heard in either state or federal courts.

There are five cases which must be brought before the federal courts: limitation of shipowner’s liability; vessel arrests in rem; property arrests quasi in rem; salvage cases; and petitory and possession actions.

If a case is brought before a state court, the court must still adhere to admiralty and maritime law even if it is in conflict with state law. Similarly, the Supplemental Admiralty Rules take precedence over the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure if the two conflict.

The flag a ship sails under determines the body of law to which they are subjected. For example, a ship sailing under the American flag in Chinese waters is subject to American maritime law. Similarly, a ship sailing under the Chinese flag in American waters is subject to Chinese maritime laws. The crew aboard the ships is similarly held to those laws when a crime or other dispute arises.

The flag must be legitimately flown.

Why Do You Need a Top Houston Maritime Law or Cruise Law Attorney?

Maritime law is a very specific niche practice which adheres to different bodies of law including state, federal and international. Houston maritime lawyers are well-versed in how these different bodies of law interact and how to navigate complex legal issues that may arise.

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