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Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

Chicago Truck Accident Attorney

Clifford Horwitz is a top Truck Accident attorney serving Chicago, IL.

(312) 372-8822

About Clifford Horwitz

Clifford Horwitz's track record in the legal profession speaks volumes about his exceptional skills. Throughout his career, he has consistently emerged victorious in nearly every case he has undertaken, with a remarkable 25% of his jury verdicts setting new records. To delve deeper into his impressive accomplishments, you can refer to his Success Record. These remarkable outcomes are not mere chance; they are a testament to Cliff's unwavering commitment to two primary goals in life:

  1. Providing for his family.
  2. Vigilantly representing and safeguarding the interests of his clients.

Clifford W. Horwitz boasts three decades of experience as a practicing attorney, proudly carrying on the legacy of his family, which spans three generations of trial lawyers. He fondly attributes his upbringing to the influence of his grandfather and father, both esteemed trial lawyers. Cliff firmly believes that his father instilled in him the qualities essential for a career in trial law from a very early age. This is why Cliff readily shares his personal cell phone number with his clients, extending an open invitation for them to reach out at any hour of the day or night.

"Establishing a foundation of trust is paramount in every client relationship I undertake," remarked Horwitz. His reputation precedes him, as he frequently receives referrals from prominent figures such as union leaders, elected officials, and medical professionals, in addition to former clients.

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Clifford Horwitz

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