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Margaret Wong

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Margaret Wong

Margaret W. Wong, an award-winning practicing immigration lawyer, born in Hong Kong, is founder and managing partner of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, with offices in nine cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, and Raleigh. Margaret W. Wong is celebrating her fortieth year and the beginning of her fifth decade in immigration and nationality law, and legal practice management

Author of the book The Immigrant’s Way, which is available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish; on Kindle and in paperback, and with more than 40,000 copies in print, Margaret Wong built her immigration law firm from one desk and no secretary to a nationally recognized force with offices in nine cities and over 60 employees.

Adjunct professor of immigration law at Case Western Reserve University Law School, Margaret Wong is also a National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Trailblazer, was listed in US News & World Reports’ Best Lawyers, enjoys a “Preeminent AV” rating by Martindale Hubbell, and was appointed by The Ohio Supreme Court as charter member of the Continuing Legal Education Commission for Attorneys.

She is life member of the Federal US 6th Circuit, 8th Judicial Ohio District, is a board member of the State of New York at Buffalo Foundation and the Law School Board, her alma mater, board member of the Cleveland State University Foundation, and of the Tri-C Foundation Board; and is a life member of the Ohio State Bar Foundation and the Federal Bar Association. She sits on Senator Sherrod Brown’s Ad Hoc Committee on Selecting US Marshals and US Attorneys in the Southern District of Ohio. She has helped hundreds and thousands of foreign born obtain their Green Cards and US citizenship, and fight deportation. She is past President of the Federal Bar Association Northern District of Ohio.

For decades, Margaret Wong has helped employers obtain work permits for their executives and has assisted thousands of people in coming to the United States to become permanent residents, advance their educations, work, and pursue opportunities. Her clients come from every country around the world, from every walk of life, and range from governmental and corporate to ordinary people. The law firm’s talented team handles every kind of immigration problem; its staff is multilingual, with proficiency in languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and Albanian. Executives and large law firms seek her help when they have tough immigration problems. She is known for speed, quality, honesty and persistence.

She has won numerous awards, including two for philanthropy – the Margaret Ireland Award from the Cleveland Women’s City Club and the 1997 Creative Philanthropy Award from the Women’s Community Foundation. Crain’s Cleveland Business has named her to their “Women of Influence” list and Cleveland Magazine has included her with its “Most Interesting People.” Margaret Wong also received the highly coveted Ellis Island Medal of Honor in May 1998 for her outstanding achievements and contributions to the multicultural fabric of the United States. She was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 2000. Other honors and awards include an Outstanding Alumni Award from State University of New York at Buffalo, Kent State University’s Social Responsibility Award, and the Leadership Award from the United Black Fund. Her work has also earned her recognition in books such as Profiles of Ohio Women 1803-2003 and People: Cleveland’s Most Valuable Resource, Millennium Edition. Margaret is also an Urban League Board Member and VP.

Margaret Wong is a civic leader who educates and inspires others. While she was serving as the first Asian-American president of the Cleveland Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, the Cleveland chapter won the coveted Chapter Activity Award. She has presented numerous seminars on immigration and naturalization law for bar associations and the public.

Committed to giving something back to the community and to mentoring young professionals, Ms. Wong has volunteered her time and expertise on boards of diverse organizations, including Notre Dame College, Cuyahoga Community College Foundation, Northeast Ohio Commission on Higher Education, Cleveland Bar Foundation, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Asian Bar Association, Town Hall, University Hospitals Health System, St. Vincent Hospital Health Care System, United Way Services, and the Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve University Law School Advisory Boards. Ms. Wong is also a life member of both the Eighth Judicial District Court and the Federal Sixth Circuit Court.

Ms. Wong is admitted for practice in Ohio, New York, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, and North Carolina.

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About Cleveland Immigration Law

A Cleveland immigration lawyer focuses specifically on the area of law which deals with the movement of people in and out of the United States, especially as it relates to visas and residency. Immigration law is a practice area that is governed by federal law, so whomever you choose to represent you does not need to live in the same state where you reside. Yet, you probably know that United States Immigration law is not only complex, but it can also change quickly depending on the political climate. In most travel visa situations, you may not need an immigration attorney to represent you. Yet, in cases which involve temporary or permanent residency or citizenship in Ohio, hiring an immigration lawyer in Cleveland can save you from costly mistakes and help you more successfully navigate whichever process you need to complete.

When Do You Need a Cleveland Immigration Attorney?

Most immigration attorneys in Cleveland offer free consultations or a minimal fee to evaluate your case. When in doubt, it’s in your best interest to schedule a consultation. Some common scenarios which typically require the expertise of skilled immigration attorney include:

  • You are fleeing your home country and seeking asylum, which requires you to build a case to demonstrate to immigration officials that you have suffered persecution or will suffer persecution in your nation of origin.
  • You completed an application for a specific type of visa and it was denied.
  • You need to change the status of your visa, wish to apply for a Green Card, or wish to apply for U.S. Citizenship.
  • You have overstayed your visa and want to avoid deportation or removal.
  • You are unsure or confused about which type of application and additional forms you must complete to stay in the United States.
  • You have been deported from the United States and want to return.
  • You have received a notification to appear for removal proceedings to determine your eligibility for relief under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
  • You have committed a crime and wish to enter the United States or prevent deportation because of your actions.
  • You have a job in the United States, but your employer has not sponsored you for entry.
  • You are a business owner who wishes to employ foreign nationals.
  • You are sponsoring another family member in an effort to bring them to the United States.
  • You have some sort of immigration emergency requiring legal guidance.
  • You are a foreign national marrying a U.S. citizen, or you are a U.S. citizen marrying a foreign national, and you wish to live in the United States.

Why You Should Hire an Immigration Attorney in Cleveland?

Immigration attorneys spend years learning how U.S. immigration law applies to different cases, which can provide you with valuable knowledge to help you with your immigration issue. Additionally, immigration lawyers understand the forms and associated deadlines with each, ensuring your application won’t be denied because missing a deadline or some other dubious technicality. Finally, dealing with U.S. immigration procedures can be overwhelming, lonely, and frustrating. Your Cleveland immigration attorney can help alleviate the stress and frustration you might be experiencing.

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Margaret Wong

Margaret W. Wong & Associates
Based on 111 reviews
Allow me please to say that the level of professionalism is above top, not only polite and very helpful but the offer of reassurance is impeccable, trustworthy, diligent and I wholeheartedly can say that inspire calm and peace of mind, no complaints whatsoever of any sort, other than that I can only express my gratitude.
Daniel Molina
Daniel Molina
16:47 12 Dec 19
Hello Everyone,I have applied for AOS with Margaret W. Wong & Associates. They are very helpful for each step of process. My case was handled by Ms. Jocelyn she was always there whenever I needed. She answered all my questions and also helped me to clear my doubts. I would recommend anyone for future who are applying should use them. And also I want to thank Lawyer Joseph for being there during my interview and making it very easy process. Good Luck to everyone. And Thank You so much Ms. Wong for helping me out with my case.
Vivek Patel
Vivek Patel
00:24 03 Oct 19
Attorney Margaret Wong and lawyer Francis are the real-life heroes, literally. they stopped my deportation in less than 24 hours, I was about to leave my children for who knows how long before seeing them again. It was a miracle that God did through them, I can never thank you enough as well as all the staff who are always willing to answer any questions and to the lawyer Richard Drucker who accompanied me to the last supervisory visit to the ICE and always gave me I encourage and told me that everything would be fine. In February when it will be my individual interview, I am not afraid because I know that everything will be fine and I will return home with my green card. Thanks Margaret Wong and Associated.
Rosa Saltos
Rosa Saltos
22:54 30 Sep 19

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