What is the Role of Life Care Planning in Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases?

life care planning in catastrophic personal injury

It is hard to quantify the loss equated with a catastrophic personal injury. Catastrophic injuries bring with them a unique set of physical and emotional challenges that require a significant amount of care. Not only do catastrophic injuries dramatically change the lives of those who are injured, but also changes the lives of the patient’s family.

There are a vast number of factors to consider when looking at what is lost in someone’s life due to a catastrophic injury. A life care plan is a dynamic report that follows standards and practices and provides:

  • Data analysis of costs and other financial considerations.
  • Research on relevant medical needs.
  • An organized narrative describing the injured person’s current and future needs.

What are the financial considerations in, and uses for, life care planning? A person’s quality of life is inextricably linked to his or her ability to work, need for constant medical care, day-to-day caregiving and overall mental state. Thus, life care planning takes into account all of the financial demands that relate to improving a person’s quality of life.

With regard to how life care planning is used, such plans are sought after by courts, so judges and juries can understand the long-term financial costs of caring for an accident victim. Life Care Planners work closely with an injured person’s doctor and other health professionals to make sure the life care plan that that eventually goes in front of a judge or jury is accurate. Further, the person who created the life care plan will also frequently serve as an expert witness in an injured, person’s court case.

Life care planning, however, is not only used in court. The plan itself is actually rather significant in the life of the injured person. The plan can help the injured person and their families manage and organize daily care needs for the injured person.

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