Toys for Tots

toys for tots

COVID has changed so much in our lives. For some it has meant getting through something worse than any flu we have experienced before. For others there are long-term residual problems after spending days or weeks in the hospital. For one out of every 500 Americans it has brought their lives to an end and changed the lives of all of those who cared about them.

For children, the lockdown has meant a year of school and playtime done at the laptop on the desk in their bedrooms. For adults it turned into a frantic search for toilet paper with the one silver lining being that in the beginning, with everyone staying home, it was like driving on Christmas morning every day.

With less people on the roads there were less crashes which of course affected anyone with a personal injury practice. Now, even with the Delta variant, there is at least hope that we can return to normal. Supply chain challenges, however, may make that a longer process than most of us care to endure.

That brings me to TOYS FOR TOTS.

This program created by the United States Marine Corps collects toys and delivers them to the kids most in need and most appreciative of these gifts. Sadly, this year we can expect more kids to be in that position.

The Marines have delivered 200 of their boxes to my office and with the help of the Arizona Association of Chiropractic we will get these boxes to as many chiropractors as possible.

On December 11 I will present a four-hour class on physical examination review (based in part on what I have observed IME doctors do incorrectly) along with a four-hour presentation on documentation and record keeping by Angela Powell.

Attorneys are invited to join us at that seminar and in this toy drive. That morning we will collect all the boxes and deliver them to the Marines at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix where the seminar will be held. Our objective is to fill their truck.

So now the appeal. Contact me at (480) 664-6644 or drbillgallagher@ or stop by my office at 8712 E. Via de Comercio, Suite 9 in Scottsdale and pick up a box to put in your office. If you would like to make a monetary donation, we will gladly pass that on to the Marines. Collecting toys will not cost you and all the clients who come to visit you will be glad to bring a toy or two the next time they are in your office.

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