Best Legal Podcasts for Lawyers & Law Firms in 2022

Man recording legal podcast which was voted one of the best podcasts for the legal industry

Podcasts are wildly popular and cover nearly any topic you can dream up – from niche topics like serial killers from Seattle to broader subjects like the law. Podcasts pair well with the law. And if you’re in the market for some legal marketing advice, you could do worse than listening to a subject-specific podcast or twenty. 

While there is a wide array of legal podcasts available, the best ones interweave storytelling, conversational tone, the chemistry of the podcaster and the audience, top-notch research, and expert analysis. Our team at Attorney at Law Magazine has done some comprehensive sampling of the best legal podcasts. Let’s take a closer look.

Legal Heroes and Villains Podcast Cover

The premise behind Legal Heroes and Villains is that one person’s hero is another’s villain, and the show boils down to its three podcasters taking on current controversial issues by providing some background, a bit of analysis, and their own personal views on the matter. While each show follows its own program, this podcast is clearly unscripted and has a hanging out with the guys’ feel. The podcasters, all legal marketers in one capacity or another, have a flair for understated humor, and if you enjoy a devil’s advocate approach to tackling an issue, this is the legal podcast for you. And as a bonus – they currently have a bumper sticker giveaway going on.  

Listen on: Spotify / YouTube

PIMM (Personal Injury Mastermind)

PIMM (Personal Injury Mastermind) Podcast Cover

PIMM with Chris Dreyer is put out by, an SEO company whose sole focus is offering a creative approach to helping personal injury firms land on Google’s first page for rankings. The podcast features the company’s founder as its mild-mannered host. Each week, he talks strategy (both practice and marketing) with heavy hitters in various legal arenas. For example, a recent lineup of episodes includes:

  • Making Corporations Answer to You that discusses defending the rights of seniors against nursing home abuse
  • Radio Killed the Video Star that dives into the radio’s power as it relates to legal marketing 
  • Creating Websites that Connect that’s here to help you reinvent your firm’s personal brand landscape
  • The Universal Power of Niche that explores what separates your firm from the others

If you are all about growing your firm through finding your voice and brand, this is the podcast you’ve been looking for. 

Listen on: Spotify / Sticher / Deezer

Is That Even Legal?

Is That Even Legal Podcast Cover

If you’re in the legal biz and catch yourself wondering about novel legal questions, the Is That Even Legal? podcast is for you. The balance achieved in this easy-listening show is sincerity and informed expertise commingled with a lighthearted, personal approach. For example, a recent episode is entitled Does Your Lawyer Need to Be a Jerk? – and come to find out, the answer is “no.” 

Listen on: Spotify / Google

Personal Injury Marketing Minute

PIMM (Personal Injury Marketing Minute)

The Optimize My Firm podcast focuses on what it calls personal injury marketing minutes, which is a great way to describe their on-point offerings. In each episode, the very relatable host takes on a topic that focuses on the basics of personal injury marketing – some of which may have dropped off your radar. Consider the following recent titles:

  • What Should Lawyers Wear?
  • How to Make Videos for Lawyers
  • Takeaways from Advertising in the Yellow Pages 
  • Intro to Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

This is one of those top podcasts for attorneys that can help you tighten your game. 

Listen on: Spotify / Google / Sticher

Legal Toolkit Podcast Cover from Legal Talk Network

Legal Toolkit is the somewhat clunky name for a very polished, entertaining, and informative podcast that hits the jackpot when it comes to storytelling. The smooth-talking host – who might best be described as a legal nerd – has a gift for gab, and the driving force behind the show is confabbing with innovative attorneys who come clean about the services, programs, ideas, and attitude adjustments that have improved their practices. With topics like – Narnia Kicks Ass: eDiscovery 101; and “The Heat Index” and The Robot “Takeover”; Law Firm Productivity; and “Balls Deep” – in the last month alone, it’s hard to go wrong. 

Listen on: Spotify / Google / Sticher


Lawsome The Podcast for Law Firms Podcast Cover

LAWsome: The Podcast for Law Firms dedicates its contributions to the airwaves to lawyers, firms, and professionals in the industry, and it is driven to educate and even to entertain the community in terms of both personal and professional development. LAWsome’s episodes focus on interviews with impressive legal professionals with legit wisdom to impart, but the approach is so accessible that you can think of it as the podcast next door. The topics covered are highly relevant to those of us in the legal trenches, making it a top legal podcast for practicing lawyers and others in the industry,

Listen on: Spotify / Soundcloud

The Law Entrepreneur

The Law Entrepreneur with Neil Tyra Podcast Cover

The idea behind The Law Entrepreneur is bridging the gap between all that law stuff you know and actually running a business (your firm). The mellow-voiced host shares his journey toward financial success in the legal realm and, along the way, interviews other successful professionals in various areas in his attempt to distill a world of knowledge into a guide toward the promised land for law firms that are interested in reaching their loftiest goals. By way of example, consider a late August episode entitled How to Turn Your Firm into a Brand with Mike Kim. Kim happens to be a TED Talk alum with impressive street cred who also delivers. 

The Law School Toolbox

Law School Toolbox Podcast Cover

Sometimes, it’s all in a name, and when it comes to the Law School Toolbox, that’s the case. This one’s for you law students out there – the associates, partners, and shareholders of tomorrow. When you unpack this toolbox, you’ll find advice, practical tips, and more than an opinion or two about all things academic – and beyond. A somewhat barebones podcast guided by two intrepid, plainspoken podcasters who exude friendly camaraderie. If you want to know more about acclimating to law school, navigating the Bluebook, understanding basic hearsay exceptions, and more, this is your mothership.  

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