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Attorney at Law Magazine is proud to introduce America’s only exclusive attorney directory. We select one attorney per practice area per market to feature as the Local Legal Authority.

Get all the benefits of other national attorney directories without the presence of your competitors on the same search results. One city, one practice area – one attorney.

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Attorney at Law Magazine’s lawyer directory is one of simplest and most effective ways for attorneys to grow your online presence and generate qualified leads.


Did you know that the 10 most well-known lawyer directories average 577 attorneys per search result. That’s 577 attorneys you’re competing against.


In Attorney at Law Magazine’s Exclusive Lawyer Directory, you have zero competition. The power of our directory isn’t diluted among your competitors. 

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What Our Local Legal Authority Clients Have to Say

Our inclusion in Local Legal Authority has really helped us in bankruptcy in the greater Philadelphia area. It has also helped us establish a greater national presence. We're really grateful to have been included in Local Legal Authorities.
Brad J. Sadek
Brad Sadek
Philadelphia Bankruptcy Law
Local Legal Authority
The work that we've done with Local Legal Authority has really added to our legal marketing. The listing he created for us has helped develop new family law clients, new family law revenue. Our online presence has been improved as a result. Definitely highly recommended.
Patrick Cooper
Patrick Cooper
Philadelphia Family Law
Local Legal Authority

Local Legal Authority Basic

$79/Month $750/Year
  • Attorney Headshot
  • Attorney Biography
  • Highlighted Awards and Honors
  • WebsiteLink
  • Click to Call
  • Full Contact Information
  • Video Embed
  • Local Legal Authority Badge
  • Unlimited Editorial Submissions

Local Legal Authority+

Pricing Varies
  • Everything in Basic Plus:
  • Custom Header Graphic
  • Custom Written Attorney Bio
  • Custom Message Widget
  • Client Reviews
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Tracked Phone Calls
  • Contributing Editor Badge
  • CTAs Included on Each Published Article

If you would like to discuss signing up for 10 or more Local Legal Authority listings, please contact us for Enterprise pricing discounts or schedule a consultation today

Choosing the Right Plan for You

If you’re deciding between basic and Local Legal Authority+ listings, we’ve outlined some basic benefits you will gain by upgrading to the plus listing.

Custom Built

The Local Legal Authority+ is custom built with our web team to help optimize the page to show up higher in search results. Our team will collaborate with you to create a unique biography about you, your practice and what sets you apart from your competitors. Additionally, our team will work with you to create a custom description about your practice area including any niche focuses you may have. Combining this “Content is King” mentality with the strength of Attorney at Law Magazine’s website, your Local Legal Authority+ listing can begin ranking higher sooner.

Lead Tracking

If you’re looking for another directory to post your general information, including a phone number and link to your website, then the basic Local Legal Authority listing may be the right fit. If you’re looking for more intelligence on your listing, including access to a dashboard with page views, website clicks and click-to-calls, with tracked phone calls, Local Legal Authority+ is the way to go. Not only will potential customers have more and simpler ways to contact you from your listing, you’ll have the intelligence to know which of your incoming leads and clients came from this marketing endeavor.

Contributing Editor

As a Local Legal Authority+ attorney, you will also receive the designation as a Contributing Editor for Attorney at Law Magazine. With this title, we will display your latest articles on your Local Legal Authority listing, helping to build your authority. Your articles will also include CTAs with a link to your website as well as a click-to-call button. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to provide answers to consumers via our Ask a Lawyer page and will have the ability to add custom FAQs to your Local Legal Authority+ listing.

Do You Qualify?

Local Legal Authorities are required to meet the following criteria to participate as Attorney at Law Magazine’s go-to lawyer for a specific practice area/city.

You must have been licensed to practice law for at least five years and must maintain an active practice.

You must maintain a customer reviewing rating of 4 or more stars on any consumer site such as Google Reviews or Yelp.

You must not have any citations from your State’s Bar or any other outside Bar. 

When an attorney inquires about Local Legal Authorities our team reviews their credentials to ensure compliance with the outlined standards. If you have any concerns about a currently listed Local Legal Authority, please contact us.

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