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Who was the first African-American to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court?

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A Lawyer's Guide To Online Marketing

Marketing your law firm is a different beast today than it was even five years ago. The Internet has revolutionized how clients find and choose legal representation, and with dramatic results. [...]

The Law Firm Automation Playbook

Whether you are an experienced CRM and automation user, or today is the first day you are diving in, you will find value in this guide. We have gathered the most impactful workflows, recommendations, and examples of how firms use automation in their practice—not just for intake but all areas of their practice. [...]

The Secret To A Profitable Law Firm In Any Economy

This FREE Revenue Focuser exercise will help you understand the revenue needs of your firm and how to keep your needs and income balanced. This tool is the key to maintaining profit in your practice in ANY economy. [...]
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