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In international law, what term refers to the immunity that certain individuals, such as heads of state, have from being prosecuted or sued in foreign courts?

WRONG! Diplomatic amnesty is not a recognized legal term. Diplomatic immunity, on the other hand, refers to the protection granted to diplomats from prosecution or legal actions in the host country. However, it doesn’t extend to heads of state or government officials.

WRONG! While executive privilege is a legal concept that allows certain confidential communications within the executive branch of a government to be withheld from public disclosure, it does not pertain to immunity from prosecution in foreign courts.

Sovereign immunity in international law refers to the principle that certain individuals, like heads of state and government officials, are protected from being prosecuted or sued in foreign courts. This concept recognizes the sovereignty and dignity of nations and prevents legal actions from interfering with diplomatic relations. However, the application of sovereign immunity can vary based on the nature of the case, the jurisdiction, and the specific circumstances involved.

WRONG! Jurisdictional exclusion is not a legal term. Jurisdictional immunity, though, refers to the protection afforded to certain entities or individuals from being subject to the jurisdiction of another country’s courts. It’s distinct from sovereign immunity, which specifically relates to immunity for heads of state and government officials.

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