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There are a great many families who never think about the possibility of ever needing the services of a family lawyer. However, it is advantageous for every family to have a family attorney lined up for future reference and help with legal matters involving the family when disputes arise, showing no friendly solutions.

If you live in New Albany, Indiana, or any surrounding areas, know that there is a leading family law firm comprised of nearly a dozen skilled, seasoned, licensed, and bar-certified professional attorneys to answer all your family’s legal needs.



We are always on standby for urgent matters needing a quick and correct answer. We are always by your side, and for as long as you want us around, we are here for you.

One such specific need is family law. Know that a seasoned family attorney can help you with unlimited and unique family issues involving any family member.

You may find a family attorney working alone or within a group of like-minded lawyers. We are skilled mediators for family disagreements and surrogacy-related issues.

If you have never hired a family attorney, you undoubtedly asked yourself,

“What can a New Albany family lawyer do for me?”

As wonderful as it would be for all family members to embrace closeness and be agreeable on all family issues, it is not reality. In reality, many families have legal issues that arise where members need help to work out a unified solution for every member.

It is lovely when family members can resolve legal matters amicably. However, a family attorney is an answer when this is not possible. Many times, family issues can tear families apart. We can step in and guide families onto a more friendly pathway.


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How We Help Families with Legal Matters

Every family is bound to come up against a challenging issue at least once in their lifetime. We cannot think of any family issues that our attorneys have not experienced in their own lives. Our attorneys can relate, and they can understand the stress, uncertainty, worry, and conflict between members and the necessity of finding ideal solutions for every family.

But, unfortunately, sometimes family issues become so hot and members become so bothered that the family has no choice but to consult our firm for a suitable solution.

We follow definitive and proven steps toward a solution for your family. Read on to discover these helpful steps our esteemed attorneys may utilize to bring peace and agreeable solutions to the families we serve.

We will only help your family if you have a high element of trust in our attorneys. Without your trust, we cannot do the best possible job for you. We realize that trust must be earned.

To accomplish this, vital trust in us is usually successful after we have that first no-cost consultation with you. We know that no two cases or family issues are the same. Each issue is different and unique. Please read the reviews of our clients and how these clients appreciate our services to them, such as,

Divorce issues can include things like annulments and spousal abuse.

These issues can surround problems with child adoption, the splitting up of unmarried parents, child support, parental responsibilities, child abuse, child rights, paternity issues, surrogacy, and assisted conception.

  • Guardianships

Guardianships include adults and children, financial power of attorney, living wills, and medical power of attorney.

  • Same-Sex Marriages
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Estate planning

Estate planning can include the division of property and property settlement issues.

We must learn all we can about the issue in your family causing corrosive feelings and the matters requiring a suitable solution.

  • We need to know the goals of family members and if these members’ goals are in sync with everyone.
  • Once we gain your trust, we can discuss uncomfortable issues that keep you awake at night and need a solution.
  • We are excellent listeners and allow you all the time you need to talk with us.

Unfortunately, divorce is quite common, but it always requires hiring a family attorney, no matter how friendly one spouse is to the other. It makes no difference if you and your spouse remain working together and agree on all points; it is best to retain a family attorney. Your family attorney can distinguish possible fires before they even show a spark of ignition.

One tiny mistake can cause severe consequences regarding the terms of your divorce if you head into this process with a trusted attorney by your side. Our attorney knows about Indiana divorce laws and the complexity of divorce guidelines in this state.

Please refrain from taking legal information from those who are not entirely informed about Indiana laws. This type of information is often misleading and incorrect. In addition, legal information from poorly-informed people can easily prevent you from staying on the correct pathway.

The following is the responsibility of your family attorney.

  • Protect your children and their well-being
  • Protect your financial health
  • Our law firm helps you to build a sound family infrastructure.
  • We ensure you understand all aspects of any issues bothering you.

Our family attorneys can help you with,

  • Designing an agreeable child support structure. If your current child support plan is not working, we assist couples in restructuring a support plan suitable to each parent and the children.

We are sensitive to the financial needs of each parent and attempt not to make child support an unrealistic insurmountable amount of money for either parent.

  • We help with co-parenting conflicts.
  • Joint custody issues
  • We mediate family disputes.
  • We will go to the negotiation table with you.
  • We are seasoned in Indiana’s judicial system.
  • We show respect

We show our clients the respect they deserve and work hard to provide discretion and compassion for their unique situations and legal issues.

  • We gain a clear understanding of unique goals.

We must understand your personal goals and what you most want to accomplish regarding dissolving your family matters.

  • We stress fairness to every family member.

We aim to work hard at fairness towards every family member. We do not intentionally put any family member in an unfair situation.

  • We strive for pain-free solutions for you.

We discovered long ago that family issues harbor ill-feeling among members in addition to negativity, pain, embarrassment, sadness, and reaping of resentment when a family attorney is hired.

We aim to help all family members understand the necessity and significant benefits of having an experienced and compassionate mediator overseeing family issues, such as one of our seasoned and experienced family law attorneys.

Job Description of a Family Attorney

When you need to hire a family attorney, there are essentials you must look for in the perfect family lawyer. First, you must know the attorney’s duties, skill set, requirements, and responsibilities to the families who hire them to represent their matters.

Our attorneys manage all family legal issues that pit one family member against another. Unique family issues are different in all families. We aim to oversee family estates, offer you a wide range of legal advice, and monitor mediation sessions.

  • We organize, record, and file all legal documents related to the issues.
  • We prepare in-depth briefs that we must take to court proceedings.
  • We participate in direct mediation or negotiation sessions between family members and other attorneys involved.
  • We oversee and manage all legal issues bothering our family members.
  • We attend all hearings, conferences, and court appearances.
  • We are always available for your urgent needs.
  • We handle wills and estates.
  • We keep our clients in the loop by updating them on their cases.

How Do I Know This Attorney and Firm is Required to Care for My Family?

The family attorney you hire must meet some rigid requirements. Our esteemed, seasoned, professional, and skilled attorneys must also meet these strict requirements.

Our attorneys must have earned their bachelor’s degree in law. In addition, they must be board certified by the State Bar Association and licensed to practice law in Indiana.

Our attorneys have at least three years of experience in family law. We cannot stress their fantastic communication skills enough.

Our esteemed attorneys are highly organized and take care of various issues that may arise in your family. In addition, we are unique persuaders with highly skillful negotiation and debating skills needed to meet your goals and needs.

We Cannot Help with Your Family Legal Needs until You Call Us.

“I have legal family issues that I cannot resolve alone. Do I call for legal help from a family attorney in Indiana? 

The answer is a resounding yes. The benefits and reasons for hiring a family attorney are unparalleled, and there is a high probability that all the issues plaguing you related to your family can be resolved quicker and more successfully through the help of this Indiana family law firm.

Our family lawyers are seasoned, meaning we have years of combined experience assessing your divorce options. We wade through all the paperwork and red tape so you do not have to. In addition, our attorneys are experts and skilled consultants with many alternative dispute resolution options for you.

We have a professional, civil, close working relationship with other attorneys in New Albany. We have a fantastic track record of favorable settlement agreements, including many family court experiences.

Our family lawyers are ready to take your call for help with your family’s legal issues. We always try hard to settle matters out of court. However, we advocate for our client’s rights if we need to go to court.

Family court attorneys simplify all complex family legal issues successfully and quickly. Remember, your first consultation call is free.

Dana Eberle-Peay

Dana is a native of Southern Indiana and is deeply devoted to Kentuckiana. After spending most of her life in Floyds Knobs, she has also lived in Greenville, New Albany, and Georgetown. Allowing Dana to become familiar with every town of Floyd County. She oversees the Family Law practice area for CLLB, and she firmly believes that helping families is her destiny.

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