Andrew Bonderud: A Beacon of Justice

In the bustling, ever-expanding legal landscape of Jacksonville, Florida, one name shines like a beacon – attorney Andrew Bonderud. Known for his unwavering commitment to justice, unyielding dedication to his clients, and exceptional legal acumen, Bonderud has emerged as a formidable force. His firm is recognized nationally for impressive, and often history-making decisions on behalf of clients going up against some of the largest entities in the world. But what makes Bonderud so widely respected is that these same herculean efforts are put forth when representing clients faced with even the seemingly smallest concerns.

“It doesn’t matter what legal issue or challenge my clients are facing,” he says, “regardless of the dollar amount, it is no small thing in their lives, so it is very important to me.”

Bonderud’s remarkable career was inspired by mock trials he participated in during high school beginning in the ninth grade. “Ever since then,” he says, “I had a growing interest in becoming a lawyer. I found everything about it fascinating and that continued to grow the more I explored the law.”

A local boy, Bonderud was born in Jacksonville but raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was instilled with a strong sense of community and the belief that justice can only thrive when the rights of every individual are protected. Having just completed his 10th year of practice, the energetic attorney says he continues to find excitement and satisfaction with his work.

Describing his as a “classic general practice” Bonderud says, “I handle a broad range of cases from criminal charges in state and federal court, to family law, civil and commercial litigation.”

It doesn’t matter what legal issue or challenge my clients are facing, regardless of the dollar amount, it is no small thing in their lives, so it is very important to me.

This journey began for Bonderud with a solid foundation in education and a passion for advocating for the voiceless. After completing high school with honors, he went on to complete an undergraduate degree with high honors in political science, mathematics, and Spanish at Vanderbilt University, where he honed his communications and critical thinking skills so important for a successful attorney.

It became apparent that Bonderud’s desire to serve others would be explored in ways other than the law when between undergraduate and law school he served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy.

While in the Navy, Bonderud deployed to Latin America as part of a Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF-SOUTH) to interdict narcotics that were being trafficked to the United States via the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. He later deployed to the Middle East with the USS Enterprise Strike Group, where he participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

After impressively serving his country, the soon-to-be attorney went on to earn his Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School where he distinguished himself as a great legal mind earning the respect and admiration of both his peers and instructors.

When reflecting on his law school years, Bonderud says that one of his greatest takeaways was in the area of effective legal writings. “I think this is a skill that not enough attorneys take the time to master and employ,” he says. “I’m grateful to have had a great legal writing professor who impressed upon us the importance of both legal research and writing.”

After law school, Bonderud founded his own firm and immediately put these skills to work. His dedication to clients and exceptional legal skills quickly earned him a reputation as a rising star.

Encouraged and mentored by attorneys he admired, Bonderud says he was blessed with an abundance of good people advising him along the way.

“There was a senior bankruptcy attorney whom I greatly admired, and who allowed me to collaborate with him on cases for the first few years of practice. But I also learned a lot from my adversaries,” he says. “I’ve been fortunate to go up against some of the best-of-the-best attorneys and I’ve learned immensely from them.”

In time, Bonderud made the pivotal decision to establish his own law practice. His vision was to create a firm that would not only provide outstanding legal representation but also prioritize empathy and compassion for those he served. With this vision in mind, he founded The Bonderud Law Firm, which has since become synonymous with integrity, excellence, and a relentless pursuit of justice.

What truly sets Bonderud apart is his unwavering dedication to the people he serves. He is more than just an attorney; he is a compassionate advocate who understands that his clients are often facing some of the most challenging times of their lives. Whether it’s helping a family recover from a devastating accident, fighting for the rights of a victim of discrimination, or defending the accused against unfair charges, Bonderud approaches each case with empathy and understanding.

“I think we deliver unique results for our clients and that sets our firm apart from many others,” he says. “We have been able to obtain extraordinary results for clients with otherwise routine cases and extraordinary results for clients who had extraordinary cases. Whether it’s obtaining a favorable jury verdict on a routine DUI or an acquittal in a $1.4 billion federal health care fraud conspiracy charge that we took to trial, I think it’s fair to say we have had an inordinate number of truly spectacular results.”

Beyond his legal practice, Bonderud is deeply committed to giving back to the community that has supported him throughout his career. He actively engages in pro bono work, offering legal assistance to those who cannot afford representation, and volunteers with various charitable organizations to contribute to the betterment of Jacksonville.

What’s impressive is that even though he’s passionate about his work, and certainly dedicates ample time to serving his clients, Bonderud is always acutely aware of how important time with family is. Bonderud, his wife Natalie, and two daughters, Cecilia and Isabel, split time between their homes in Avondale and Jacksonville Beach.

“We just love spending time together,” he says. “Whether we’re walking on the beach, going to a movie, or, my girls’ latest favorite, going to Starbuck’s, it’s really just about enjoying one another. It’s also great that both girls seem very interested in my work. They love hearing stories about good results I get for my clients, but I sometimes share the not-so-perfect outcomes so they can hopefully glean some life lessons.”

As he looks back over an impressive decade of law, we asked Bonderud if his career was how he imagined it back in ninth grade mock trials.

“I don’t think anyone can truly understand what it’s like before you get into it,” he acknowledges. “For instance, I thought I was going to be prosecutor going after the bad guys and vindicating the interest of the government. However, since I began practicing, I’ve developed a passion for defending those who are charged by the government and doing everything I can to protect my client’s property, liberty and family. It’s been very rewarding, and I look forward to each new day because to me, each day is unique like a snowflake.”

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