Barbara Seibel & Kathleen Newman: Taking Their Practice to New Heights

Barbara Seibel & Kathleen Newman
2024 Feature Nominations

Kathleen M. Newman has forged her place as one of Minnesota’s leading family law practitioners. Board certified as a family law trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, Newman represents clients in the full spectrum of family law matters, with a special emphasis on complex, high-asset divorce cases.

In January of this year, Newman welcomed attorney Barbara Seibel to Kathleen M. Newman Family Law. Newman has mentored many notable attorneys during her 30-plus years in practice, and she says she saw exceptional qualities in Seibel that she knew would be an asset to her firm and its clients. “Barbara presents with confidence, assurance and maturity. She has a good ability to analyze situations and make practical suggestions to clients. She provides a calmness and doesn’t get riled easily or at all.”

With a strong background in business management, Seibel earned her law degree from William Mitchell College of Law and began practicing in the areas of estate planning and corporate law. She followed her passion to family law and found that her sophisticated grasp of business matters was a great advantage in complex divorce scenarios. She sought out Newman’s firm as a place she knew she could grow professionally.

“I decided I was ready to take on problems that require more creativity and involve more resources in terms of input from trusted experts in relevant fields for more in-depth analysis,” Seibel said. “Kathy is known as one of the best for that, so I connected with her office.”

Newman and Seibel provide steady guidance to small business owners, owners of closely held corporations, executives and professionals. Through their advanced understanding of complex business structures, they provide clients with comprehensive analyses of business and personal assets, stock options, retirement accounts and other benefits, laying the groundwork for favorable settlement or litigation. Seibel commented, “My background is not only in corporate litigation. I also drafted and interpreted corporate documents. I think it helps me see through a different lens than someone without that experience.”

But there is a unique element in family law, because the issues and final resolution are so personal to the parties.”

Seibel draws upon her varied experiences as a divorced parent with a successful co-parenting relationship, a mother, business person and lawyer to formulate resourceful strategies for clients who are facing difficult decisions, while also acting with compassion. She explained, “There are elements of corporate law and estate planning in helping families sort through all the other issues they have. But there is a unique element in family law, because the issues and final resolution are so personal to the parties. I understand the difficulties my parent clients are facing, both during times of conflict and success as co-parents. Helping people through what is oftentimes the most difficult time in their life is challenging, but also most rewarding.”

Her unflappability makes Seibel an effective family law attorney, since she inspires calm in others while maintaining her own clarity. She is a strong advocate who is at ease in the courtroom, but who always seeks a less contentious resolution, when possible. “I see having a calm demeanor as a job requirement for myself. Thoughtful and thorough analysis requires it, and I think my clients appreciate the consistency. I like looking at a situation from all angles and understanding different perceptions and positions. Then I decide what is the best argument I can make in consideration of the other positions out there. If I can convince people that what I’m saying is a better alternative, I can help them avoid giving up control by taking those issues to trial.”

Seibel is well-positioned to advance professionally in the environment at Newman Family Law that fosters professional excellence alongside personal balance. “What I really love about family law is that there is so much room for creativity in how we help people solve problems. My desire is to be an asset to clients, and I can’t think of a better place to accomplish that.”

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