Darbie Tamsett: Building Legacies

Darbie Tamsett
2024 Feature Nominations

The practice of law has long been a family business. Attorney Darbie Tamsett is not only continuing her family’s legacy in business and real estate investing, but also forging her own path as a first-generation attorney with a dynamic dual practice in real estate and M&A law.

When Tamsett first stepped into the University of St. Thomas School of Law at the young age of 20, she admits she did not have her whole career mapped out. “I always knew I wanted to go to law school, I just wasn’t always certain I wanted to be a lawyer.” She admits that she has always been drawn to entrepreneurship and, “building something from nothing.” However, she quickly found that her family background allowed her to forge a path of her own, while simultaneously implementing her practical and real-world experience with her legal knowledge to benefit her clients.

Tamsett states that her dual practice in M&A and real estate is serendipitous, as many acquisitions inherently involve real estate elements. Her dual practice allows her to offer comprehensive services to her clients without the inefficiencies of multiple legal advisers.

Since joining Hellmuth & Johnson, Tamsett has expanded and developed her practice. Mentored by partners Blake Nelson and Chad Johnson, she was thrust into major transactions, gaining trust and responsibilities that have significantly shaped her career. “Blake Nelson, one of the partners at the firm, gave me the opportunity to learn by bringing me in on major deals from the start,” she said. “Between him and Managing Partner Chad Johnson, I have two great mentors who have really made my career what it is. They have both given me an overwhelming number of opportunities to grow my practice and develop my skills. Their mentorship has greatly impacted my success and happiness in the practice of law.”

Beyond her professional achievements, Tamsett is deeply committed to community service. She serves on the board of Solid Ground, a nonprofit providing housing to families in need, and is an active member of the Stillwater Human Rights Commission. These roles reflect her dedication to blending her high-stakes legal practice with meaningful community engagement.

Outside the courtroom, Tamsett and her husband are restoring a historic house (est. 1875) in Stillwater, Minnesota, a project that mirrors the meticulous and transformative work she performs in her legal practice. As she approaches the future, her ambitions are clear – ensure her clients’ success and satisfaction.

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