Lauren V. Reeves Real Estate Deal Advocate

Lauren V. Reeves

“I love how Raleigh is growing. We are an incredible city,” said Smith Debnam attorney Lauren V. Reeves. “I’m thrilled to be playing a role in that growth through my law practice.”

Reeves is an attorney with Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP, where she concentrates her practice in the areas of real estate law, foreclosures and creditors’ rights. “In my practice, I represent individuals and businesses in real estate matters that involve purchasing, leasing, selling, financing and all issues of title arising in both residential and commercial real estate transactions,” explained Reeves.

Reeves is a native of Raleigh. She graduated from North Carolina State University with honors and earned her Juris Doctor at Elon University School of Law as a member of its charter class.

Reeves believes the greater Raleigh region will see increasing expansion in the commercial and residential real estate markets. The influx of high tech companies is having a ripple effect on housing, restaurants and retail. RTP continues to be a magnet for out-of-state companies and startups in high tech, pharma, medical devices, life sciences and other leading edge industries. That too is creating a lot of real estate development activity in which Reeves hopes to be a catalyst.

“The Raleigh real estate market is strong, with new housing developments, shopping centers, business parks, and other kinds of developments starting to pick up in frequency,” Reeves said. “I help developers with land acquisitions and the setup of new subdivisions, in addition to handling the residential loan closings on properties sold.”

Reeves said she is watching closely to see how community planners deal with the typical pains that come with growth such as transportation, water, schools, housing and other infrastructure. “By staying current on these issues, I am a resource for my clients.”

Born and raised in Raleigh, Reeves is an invaluable asset to developers. “I have a special feel for the individual nuances associated with each of the various communities in and around Raleigh – it’s the kind of insight you can’t get from a map or download from the Internet,” said Reeves. “Each of these minicommunities in and around Raleigh is special in its own unique way, and navigating these differences can be especially tricky if you don’t really understand the underlying issues.

Reeves is a bright, energetic dynamo with an entrepreneurial spirit that she uses to keep all the parties on track during negotiations. “Real estate transactions can be complex because they usually require some level of negotiation, some give and take, from all sides,” she said, “which is one of the reasons why I love my practice. The type of clients I get to work with are smart, peopleoriented and outcome driven. I enjoy serving as an advocate throughout the negotiations, toward the ultimate goal of getting a good deal done for all parties involved.”

Reeves serves on the board of directors for the Wake County Bar Association and 10th Judicial District Bar, and is actively involved with a number of committees. “I want to be a leader to help shape the direction of the local bar and the community,” said Reeves. “I love Raleigh. I intend to spend my entire life living in this area, being a part of this community, and it is my hope to make a lasting, positive impact.”

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