Rock Rocheleau: The Unconventional Journey

In the vibrant tapestry of Las Vegas, where glitz and glamour often overshadow the complexities of human relationships, one divorce attorney stands apart, defying convention at every turn. Meet Rock Rocheleau of Right Lawyers, a legal maverick whose journey to the courtroom took a decidedly unconventional route. From his days serving in the Air Force to owning his own insurance firm, Rocheleau’s path meandered through diverse landscapes before settling into the realm of family law.

As vibrant and robust as the city he now calls home, Rocheleau eagerly embraced another new phase of his extraordinary life with the same ardor and determination he applies to everything he undertakes.

But it wasn’t a linear trajectory—more like a mosaic of experiences that shaped his unique perspective. While serving in the United States Air Force Rocheleau became proficient in avionics and software. Transitioning back into civilian life he served as the sales and marketing director for a major supply company before securing his own Farmers Insurance franchise. His experience as the owner-operator provided him with another unique skill set that would prove helpful as an attorney.

At nearly 38, Rocheleau experienced a pivotal moment of realization. “I decided I was going to change careers. The notion of attending law school had been hovering in my mind since childhood,” he said. “My father, a former police officer, once contemplated pursuing a law degree.”

Additionally, when he met his wife, Stacy, in 1992, she had just embarked on her law school journey. “We married a few years later. While I was running my insurance firm, I had a front row view to the demanding journey she undertook to graduate from law school, pass the bar and kickstart her career.”

Surprisingly, through that time – even serving as an office manager and a paralegal at Right Lawyers, he never said he wanted to be a lawyer. Rocheleau describes an illuminating moment as he sat reviewing insurance contracts when he realized if he was going to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer the time was now.

Good Isn’t Good Enough

Rock Rocheleau

As a father of three teenage daughters and with a remarkable career background, Rocheleau was not your average student. Sometimes he felt closer in age to his professors than his fellow students. But this was not a negative for the ambitious Rocheleau.

“It made me younger,” he says. “Hanging around all those young people was great, like charging your battery. In fact, I plan on doing it again. I’m going to go back to school when I’m 60.”

Having already completed two years of college while in the Air Force, Rocheleau understood that the initial step in this new endeavor was to finish his undergraduate degree before pursuing law school. While this might have appeared intimidating to some, Rocheleau, always keen to evolve and better himself, welcomed the challenge with excitement rather than trepidation.

“It was probably the best decision I ever made in my life, next to marrying Stacy,” he says, flashing his signature grin. “I’m more of an entrepreneur and the law has always fascinated me.”

After working at Right Lawyers as a paralegal for over a decade—a firm where Stacy had established her career—it was only natural for him to join the firm once he passed the bar exam. Just as naturally it would seem, Rocheleau gravitated toward family law, specifically divorce and child custody.

“At that time Stacy was handling personal injury, divorce, some construction defect, as well as a few other areas,” he explains, “but I believed we should narrow our focus. I don’t believe you can do several things and do them all successfully, or as well as you can when focusing on just one or two things. I once read if you’re going to do something, make sure you’re great at it. I like to be honest with myself and believe everyone occasionally needs to take stock of their strengths and weaknesses.

“We chose divorce because it’s probably what Stacy was best at, at the time, and there was a natural funnel of clients,” he continues. “Coming from the insurance world, personal injury seemed to make the most sense for me to focus on. After a while, I had to admit that wasn’t working for me. As I told Stacy, ‘We’re good at personal injury, but we’re not great. Let’s just be great at divorce and custody.”

Rocheleau is not just honest with himself, he’s equally transparent with everyone. “Gravitating toward divorce felt right and to be quite frank, I like the drama. I like it from the standpoint that this is my chance to talk them off the ledge. To be clear, when I say I like the drama, I don’t mean I enjoy stirring up emotions or agitating, but rather it doesn’t bother or distract me, and I like being the one to bring order to the chaos.”

I’m not one of those attorneys who comes into the courtroom with a ‘we’re going to scorch the earth’ mentality."

A Diplomat of Divorce

Dissolving a marriage, and potentially a family, is always a challenging and emotional process. Unlike some attorneys who might blindly side with their clients or even advocate for decisions driven by emotion, Rocheleau steadfastly adheres to his own moral compass and sense of justice.

He cited an example of a client who initially agreed to weekend visits with the baby’s father. However, upon discovering his infidelity during their marriage, she was hurt and angered and wanted to cease the visits.

“I was pretty blunt with her,” he says, “telling her that was just bad parenting. It was the child, not her ex-husband who would suffer the most. More to the point, she didn’t have any legal grounds for such a change.

“I’m not one of those attorneys who comes into the courtroom with a ‘we’re going to scorch the earth’ mentality,” he adds. “I had one client whose whole intent was to just bury his wife using everything and anything to hurt her. I pointed out that if we were to do that, at some point his then 10-year-old son was going to figure out what he’d done to his mother. And we’ve seen vicious attacks like this come back to haunt people. That’s why we’re not ‘scorch the earth attorneys’ because we know you can’t go for revenge in divorce court. A very wise judge once said, ‘He who seeks revenge in divorce court should take two breaks.’”

These are just a couple of examples of how this progressive attorney applies his social science degree. Describing himself as “an observer of others,” Rocheleau enjoys studying people whether in the courtroom or the mall.

A People Person

“I’m the guy sitting at the mall just watching people,” he says. “I find it fascinating by just catching them in that brief moment in their lives trying to decipher their personality or what’s going on in their lives.”

Very self-aware and realistic about his own strengths as well as shortcomings, Rocheleau is also not shy about expressing his opinions about others.

“I feel that I have a good ability to be honest with myself, so I have no problem calling people out on their sh**,” he says candidly. “I’m usually nice about it, I try not to be a jerk.”

Despite his occasional blunt honesty, Rocheleau is recognized for his charisma both inside and outside the courtroom. He fondly recalls how he won over his future wife on the dance floor of a country bar, even though he wasn’t particularly comfortable with the Western style.

Instead of the typical cowboy hat and boots that everyone else sported at the popular Rockabilly’s, Rocheleau, being a native of Boston, arrived in a baseball cap and military boots. However, once he spotted his future wife, the chase was on. It took several more visits to the Boulder Highway 90s hotspot before he saw Stacy again and decided to make his move. The rest, as they say, is history.

As co-owners of Right Lawyers, the couple has surpassed expectations. With three adult daughters, Jake,their Schnauzer Schnoodle, and over 30 years of marital harmony, they not only live and work together but also enjoy their leisure time side by side. A key factor in their success may be their shared mindset toward both business and personal issues. Both are forward-thinking, independent individuals who are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to broaden their horizons.

When it comes to industry awards, Rocheleau boasts an impressive collection. Highly regarded and respected by his peers, judges, and the broader legal community, what truly speaks volumes are the numerous satisfied clients who have navigated the complexities of family law with Rocheleau at the helm. Undoubtedly, word of mouth serves as both the most authentic endorsement and an accurate measure of a lawyer’s caliber. Indeed, Rocheleau’s growing client base continues to flourish thanks to a continuous stream of referrals.

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