Beyond the Court: The Evolution of Charles Misuraca from Point Guard to Visionary Sports Agent

Charles Misuraca was driven by a special fervor and a sincere love for the game of basketball. Fans at Winnebago High School and in his four years of collegiate basketball appreciated their captain for his playmaking skills and ability to run the team, almost serving as a second coach on the floor. Basketball and leadership became a part of who he was.

In his junior year of collegiate basketball, he realized his true passion for the game extended beyond the court in his ability to mentor and lead. Knowing the ball would eventually stop bouncing, Misuraca pursued law school in order to hone his skillset to help assist young men and their families in a more meaningful way as a sports agent.

During law school, Misuraca began his practice as a sports agent, while still managing to eventually graduate magna cum laude from the concurrent JD/MBA program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and San Diego University and pass the California Bar Exam.

His unique blend of legal knowledge, business and love for basketball positioned him as an ideal advocate for athletes navigating the complexities of contracts, negotiations and endorsements.

In 2017, he founded SLASH International, which represents professional basketball players in top international markets as well as international players playing in the NBA.

We built our business organically ... I was fortunately able to broker great deals and our repuation grew from there.

What stands out as truly remarkable is that Misuraca not only initiated his journey in sports management during his academic years (more than a decade ago), but also pursued it the old-fashioned way through dedication, diligence and an entrepreneurial mindset. Not relying on anyone to pave the way for him, Misuraca leveraged his own understanding of the game and players’ psychology to ingratiate himself to people globally, fostering enduring and profound relationships.

 “We built our business organically. During law school I traveled overseas a lot and developed relationships internationally. As time went on, I knew everyone internationally so when people would refer me clients, I was fortunately able to broker great deals and our reputation grew from there.”

One of the hallmarks of Misuraca’s unique business approach is the familial atmosphere that permeates the agency. He and his team have cultivated a close-knit relationship rely as business associates but as members of an extended family. This approach has created a supportive environment where athletes feel valued, understood, and empowered in their careers. Indeed, the camaraderie he shares, especially with the players he represents, mirrors the close-knit bonds he once forged with teammates.

“We take a lot of pride in our relationships. I’m thankful for the organic growth we’ve had. It’s been a true marathon,” he says.

Long-time client, Isaiah Austin, was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and unable to play for the NBA. SLASH assisted him in his comeback to the court in 2017.

“Charles is more than an agent to me,” says Austin. “He’s a friend and a brother. When I first signed with him in 2017, he promised me a relationship that would extend beyond the basketball player I was. He told me he would be with me through the fire, no matter what. In my career I have been cut, injured, and given up on by many, but Charles always had faith in me. He constantly poured love into my ear when I needed it most, but also was not afraid to tell me what it was that I was doing wrong in situations as

“When people ask me about Charles, I always tell them about his leadership, he leads by serving and those are always the best leaders in the world, the ones who are not afraid to fight with you.”

“Isaiah’s story is a testament to his faith, perseverance and character,” says Misuraca who is proud of his friend’s recent transition into the NBA Front Office after playing five years internationally. Other former Baylor standouts Pierre Jackson and Quincy Miller later signed with Misuraca after witnessing his work ethic and true level of care.

“My business model has always been to go above and beyond for each of our players and in turn I am grateful for their referrals to other clients.”

Two-time NBA champion and former UNC star, James McAdoo also has only glowing words for his agent and friend. “My career was at a crossroads, one that I financially and career-wise could not afford to mess up. That’s when my family and I decided to put our trust in Bugra and Charles at SLASH. They took control and got my career where it needed to be. Keeping me informed and strongly represented all along the way.”

Misuraca with James McAdoo
Misuraca with James McAdoo
Misuraca in Japan with his daughter, Thomas Wimbush (left) and Deon Thompson (right)
Aslan-Miller -Misurac
Bugra Aslan, Quincy Miller and Misuraca

Today, SLASH represents several other UNC alumni as well.

Creating a robust international market has proven to be wildly successful for Misuraca and SLASH International. One might be curious as to how a law student had the insight to explore this niche.

“In my early twenties, I saw the game becoming more and more global. I saw an opportunity to help bridge the gap between the NBA and international markets in both bringing international players to the NBA and former NBA players opportunities to continue their careers outside of the states. I then learned the game from a global view and applied my legal and business experience in representing players internationally.

“Our thorough and detailed step-by-step process, similar to that of a law firm, has really paid off,” he adds. “Our players know and understand each of their opportunities and feedback to make better informed decisions. I’ve always been very forthright about telling players what’s being said out there, both the good and the bad, which can be difficult to do at times but always necessary. Thankfully, due to our personal relationships beyond business and the character of our clients it has afforded an environment of raw transparency to navigate the challenges of professional basketball.”

SLASH International has played a pivotal role in brokering some of the most prominent contracts globally, securing deals for international players. Misuraca has successfully negotiated contracts exceeding one hundred million dollars for clients in the NBA, Euroleague, China, and Japan. Additionally, he has facilitated lucrative marketing and endorsement contracts off the court.

I’ve been doing this for more than a decade now, and I still love every minute.

Although travel still takes up a lot of his time, Misuraca is also a full-time husband and dad.

“I have a beautiful, amazing wife,” he says with obvious pride. “We have a beautiful baby girl and a little boy on the way.”

As a comprehensive enterprise, SLASH International delivers a range of services encompassing contract negotiations, NBA draft preparation, financial management, branding, marketing, and life management. Beyond the formal array of services provided by Misuraca and SLASH International, they extend personal assistance to players and their families.

It’s a company that continues to grow in both size and reputation, and thanks to founding partner Charles Misuraca’s example, enthusiasm and passion are still the driving forces.

As he says, “I’ve been doing this for more than a decade now, and I still love every minute.”