Diamond Clothier’s David Strange: Dressing the Southeast

For more than 28 years, Diamond Clothiers has worked with over 2,000 businessman, athletes and well-dressed gentlemen in Florida, the Southeast and across the United States. As a full-service clothier, it offers a wide array of services, including complete wardrobe planning for your business, social, or casual needs.

David Strange entered the clothing business in 1988 with a large retailer. In 1992, he started his own firm with a different focus—customer service and earning client’s trust.

Working with professionals from all fields of business – from finance and insurance to sales and lawyers – his business began rapidly growing through referrals. Soon he was in every city in Florida and boasted a clientele that spanned 20 states.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Strange spends most of his time here, and travels to other cities to service existing and new clients.

AALM: What compelled you to start your own business?

DS: I started with a large national company that was more focused on sales and profits than offering good service and taking care of customers. I wasn’t comfortable with being micro-managed and forced to do everything the company way. I decided to start my own business and build it my way focusing on retaining every client and not just pushing for sales.

AALM: What do you enjoy most about working with lawyers?

DS: They recognize the value of their time and appreciate the efficiency I can offer their schedule. They appreciate the fact that I am flexible with my schedule and am willing to meet at their home or office.

AALM: How is your company different from its competitors?

DS: I value customer service and customer loyalty over making sales and I travel to most major cities in the southeast every year. To retain clients in so many cities I must keep a great reputation for fitting clothes well and serving the customers fairly and respectfully.

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