George & George ADR: Setting the Bar for Mediation

George & George ADR

George & George ADR is headed up by the brother-and-sister duo, Joseph George and Valencia George. Despite their shared upbringing, the two came to the practice of mediation from very different angles.

Joseph George is a distinguished entrepreneur. He is dedicated to ensuring that parties involved in disputes receive a fair and efficiently managed proceeding by guiding parties toward a mutually agreeable settlement of their disputes.

His dedication to achievement is evident in the breadth of his certifications, which include Florida Supreme Court certified county mediator, Florida Supreme Court qualified arbitrator, business negotiator, ADA coordinator, paralegal, workers’ compensation specialist, human resource specialist, conflict management expert, risk management specialist, and construction project manager. By investing in his professional development, Joseph has become a subject matter expert in these crucial areas.

What sets Joseph apart from other mediators and arbitrators is his training and certification as a hostage and crisis negotiator, which amplifies his ability to handle high-pressure situations. As a hostage negotiator, Joseph’s responsibility is to defuse situations where individuals have taken hostages or are holding others against their will. He employs his exceptional communication skills to convince the individual in question to release their captives unharmed. His abilities extend beyond standard hostage situations and include negotiations with barricaded criminals, terrorists, and suicidal individuals, with the overarching goal of ensuring everyone emerges from the situation unharmed.

Outside the office, Joseph is a devout family man, and is very hands-on with his autistic child. He is an avid supporter of community groups designed to inspire and motivate women of all ages.

Raised in the vibrant landscapes of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Valencia was immersed in various facets of the construction trade from an early age. Spending countless hours alongside her father, a skilled construction worker, she refined her skills in home construction. This formative experience propelled her to embark on a career in the construction industry immediately after graduating from high school.

Since, she has built an extensive background in law enforcement, forensic investigations, private investigations, and crisis management.

As a Supreme Court certified county mediator and qualified arbitrator, Valencia’s purpose is to facilitate equitable and efficiently administered proceedings for all parties involved. She brings a proactive approach to mediation, in which she imparts her insights at the appropriate juncture. Her diligence, curiosity and astuteness enable her to delve deep and unearth the crux of the matter at hand. She is thorough and consistently maintains her good humor and compassionate demeanor.

Her expertise in alternative dispute resolution has been honed through immersive training, and certification in construction safety, legal assistance, human resources, conflict management, forensic investigations, private investigations, risk management, and construction project management.

Her proficiencies and rich experience empower her to approach dispute resolution from varied perspectives, thereby linking her status as an invaluable asset in resolving intricate business conflicts.

Outside the office, Valencia actively engages as a speaker in various community groups, aiming to inspire and empower women who have endured the traumatic experiences of sexual, emotional, physical, and domestic abuse. Through her words of encouragement, she has served as a guiding light, enabling countless women of all ages to conquer their past traumas and embrace a brighter future. Her compassionate efforts have made a lasting impact, empowering these individuals to move forward with resilience and strength.

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