Randy Salmons: Considering the Worker

Attorney at Law Magazine sat down with Randy Salmons, Ph.D., a vocational and earning capacity analysis consultant, to discuss his career. Over the course of 20 years, Salmons has served as a vocational consultant, offering vocational analyses and earnings capacity assessments on workers’ compensation, civil suits, personal injury, employment discrimination, social security disability and family law cases. He has appeared as trial expert on numerous occasions.

In addition to his consulting services, Salmons offers career counseling services.

AALM: How did you first come to work as a vocational consultant?

RS: I began my career as a vocational rehabilitation counselor with the State of Florida. I later moved into a similar position with a private vocational rehabilitation company. It was necessary for me to provide expert information in court settings regarding a person’s work potential after an injury.

Over time, I have continued to offer forensic expert services as the primary function of my private vocational rehabilitation practice. My practice also encompasses determining an earning capacity for a spouse completing a divorce in the family law arena. This involves interviews, employment research, and earnings projections.

AALM: What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

RS: I’ve experienced a variety of situations where people are in emotional and physical distress regarding pain and dysfunction. Many people spend more hours at work than any other activity, except possibly sleeping. I find my contribution to stabilizing a person’s well-being a worthwhile and satisfying process. I have aligned my practice with a standard methodology peer review to establish earning capacity. I personally can and will speak with attorneys interested in my expertise for an overview of potential cases at no charge.

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